Life in a small Mediterranean village



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Pollensa, a small village in the north of the island that never goes out of fashion, a place to invest, restore property, visit on holiday, buy to let, and retire. It is also a place to live in full or part time. Pollensa also has a port 6 km away on the coast, known variously as Puerto Pollensa, Port de Pollensa and Eu Moll.

If you are feeling tempted by the Mediterranean but not certain if it's for you, read on. These are a few of the things you will get to enjoy, living here... 

Stunning scenery - Majestic mountains - Beaches to die for - Delicious local cuisine - Award winning wines - A safe and friendly atmosphere - Not too far away - Year round good weather - Beautiful setting - Vibrant culture - A sophisticated capital city.

If that’s not enough, allow me to elaborate…


5 reasons why I think you will love living in Pollensa:




Life in Pollensa

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The main reason for choosing to live in Pollensa is usually the lifestyle; living in this part of the world just feels more relaxed.

It is relaxed and friendly but not boring.

There is a large resident international community, which means that even if you don’t speak Spanish yet you will have plenty of people to speak to and lots of new friends to make.

Thanks to the climate being so temperate you can spend most of your time outdoors and because it’s cheaper, so you can afford so many more of the good things in life.

On the whole, the Mediterranean lifestyle lends itself nicely to a more satisfying way of life. 




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Whether you are looking to buy an old property and renovate, build from scratch or buy to let, the investment potential of a property in Pollensa is huge!

So much has been written about investing in real estate on the island, and particularly in the hot zones; Pollensa, Andratx, Palma and Deia, but it always comes back to one simple fact; whatever the high and lows of the Spanish property market, nothing seems to be able to dent Pollensa´s powerful draw as a holiday destination. 

If you are investing in real estate in Pollensa as a second home or capital appreciation you have the added bonus of being able to cover expenses by letting your home for high rates during the summer season. 

As a mature market, purchasing property in Pollensa is fairly easy.

Set procedures and laws are already in place.

There is a good selection of:

A word on building and renovating in Pollensa: Because Mallorca is an island with a limited geographical space and coastline, the Balearic government has laid down strict guidelines on building and development, ensuring the islands natural beauty is preserved and house prices remain high. But it also means you need to check whether the property you are interested in buying is on rural or urban designated land, because it will make an enormous difference to how much of the property you can alter.




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Until now you could live and work in Spain, retire in Mallorca, live in Pollensa, send your kids to school and get state healthcare. With the uncertainty of Brexit comes the question of whether the Brits will now be covered for healthcare in Europe. But regardless of the outcome, the island has excellent medical facilities and private healthcare is inexpensive by European standards.

There is the new state of the art hospital Son Espases in Palma and Inca state hospital, 20 minute's drive from Pollensa. There is also a private hospital in Muro, 20 minute's drive from Pollensa too. Most of the island´s doctors and medical specialists work in both the private and public sector, hence the level of professionalism is equal in both, however waiting times and customer care may be better in the private hospitals.

Besides the hospitals, there are a huge amount of private specialist clinics and every town and village has its own state funded, local, walk-in healthcare centre known as the PAC, with GPs, nurses and emergency staff 24/7.




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The weather, living outdoors, the long hot summers and short and often non-existent winters play a huge role in shaping our lives in Pollensa. 

Not only is the island's exceptional climate the main reason Pollensa is the popular holiday destination it is, but it is a major draw for the house buyer looking to invest in a second home, a holiday home, a retirement home or in buying a rental villa as a business opportunity.

With 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures oscillating around the 22º mark, it is warm most of the winter, dry most of the year and downright scorching in the summer. 

It is perfectly normal to have clear blue skies and t-shirt weather in January, or a sudden shower in August. The winters can be harsh however, with heavy rainfall and a grim and humid kind of cold that seeps under the covers. If you are looking at moving permanently to Pollensa you are well advised to try out a week in December just to know what you are letting yourself into, or bite the bullet and install central heating.




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As a place to grow up in Pollensa is second to none, and even now, with the steady growth of the population and the holiday season, being a child in Pollensa allows for a degree of freedom and safety you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Happiness and freedom is all very well, but what of their education, you may ask.

Well, you are in luck!

Not only will a child living in Pollensa learn not 2 but 3 languages simultaneously, but will be schooled in several too.

There are three state primary schools in Pollensa old town and several more in Puerto Pollensa, and a large secondary school, the institute, in each town, all of which follow the Balearic/Spanish curriculum in Castilian Spanish and Catalan, with a poor attempt at English.

The private international and British schools on the island are mainly located in the south around Palma, but now we have My School, a new bilingual private primary and secondary school with British teachers in Crestaix, just outside Pollensa which is getting rave reviews and growing every year.

For more reasons why I think you will enjoy living in Pollensa, stay tuned and READ MY BLOG.