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A guide to selling your property in Mallorca

12 Jan 2019
  How to sell your Mallorca property & get the best purchase price     Sol Mallorca real estate advice on how to sell your home    Listen t ( ... )

How to get an Energy Efficiency Certificate for your property in Mallorca

20 Dec 2018
Did you know... you could be fined for not having an Energy Certificate?   Something that most property owners ignore is that when selling or renting your home in Mallorca you are required to have a energy performance certificate (EPC) ( ... )

What does a Mallorca real estate agent do?

7 Dec 2018
    12 things your real estate agent in Mallorca can and should do for you   A professional real estate agent's role is to find you the right house, in the right area, at the right price.   Find a real estate agency before you start looking for prope ( ... )

A guide to buying property in Mallorca

5 Dec 2018
Real Estate Tips on Buying Property in Mallorca Buying property in Mallorca as a second residence abroad is for many the fulfillment of a lifelong dream but it can also be a highly daunting prospect. How does the property buying process work?

9 reasons Mallorca property is in demand

14 Nov 2018
  Apparently nothing can temper the allure of Mallorca, the largest and most popular island of the Balearics.   Why does everyone want to own a house in Mallorca?   Mallorca property market figures  ( ... )

Brexit and the Mallorca Property Market

2 Nov 2018
What does Brexit mean for UK homebuyers in Mallorca? Following an emotional, tense and highly contradictory campaign, on the 23rd of June 2016 Britons voted by a 1,9% margin in favour of leaving the EU. The Brexit Referendum was tight; 17.4 million voted for Brexit and 16,1 million ( ... )

10 steps to buying to let in Mallorca

26 Oct 2018
Are you thinking about investing in property to let in Mallorca? Fantastic modern villa in Puerto Pollensa Buying property to rent in Mallorca is an attractive income investment i ( ... )

5 properties where you can retire in the sun

9 Oct 2018
    Are you thinking of retiring in the Mediterranean?   It's the end of summer and time to go back to work and school - But what if you had a pad in the sunshine you could visit at any time of year?  Mallorca is not the Caribbean, granted, and its winters can be cold and damp, like ever ( ... )

Choosing a location in Mallorca to invest in

24 Sep 2018
Understanding Mallorca's Locations The foothills, the coast, the plains, building laws, services and lifestyle Choosing where to buy property on the island, even one the size of Mallorca, is the first big decis ( ... )

About Real Estate on the Island of Mallorca

6 Sep 2018
“I chose Majorca as my home … because its climate had the reputation of being better than any other in Europe,” he wrote. "And because I was assured that I should be able to live there on much less money than in England.”  -  Robert Graves ( ... )

Is Pollensa the best place in the Balearics?

22 Aug 2018
Buying Real Estate on the Islands This lovely garden belongs to a marvellous property in the exclusive Valley of Son March, on the Lluc road, near Pollensa old town. Property Ref: C1138 Why property in Pollensa is a good investment

2018 Guide to buying real estate in Mallorca

10 Aug 2018
Understanding the property buying process in the Balearic Islands The entire process of buying a property in Mallorca, from the moment you make an offer to the time you collect the keys to your new property, should be carried out with the guidance of an estate agent an ( ... )

3 essential tips on how to sell your property

26 Jul 2018
Have you applied these 3 sales strategies to your home selling plan in Mallorca? Selling your home can be daunting, especially given the barrage of tips and advice out there on how best to do it, what you need to know, who to turn to etc. If you're selling your home abroad, then the difficulties, or f ( ... )

6 Limited Edition Homes in North Mallorca

6 Jul 2018
  WELCOME TO THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE MEDITERRANEAN  Mallorca's North Coast Fabulous locations, luxury finishings and a 45 minute drive from Palma airport and city centre  ( ... )

My 5 favourite places to eat in N Mallorca

26 Jun 2018
Foodie explorations on the northern coast     Living in Mallorca is delightful in a number of ways, not least because you can finally eat well without much of a fuss. And I don't mean fast food, take-aways or ready-made dishes either, I am talking about how easy it is to g ( ... )

Top penthouses for sale in Port de Pollensa

8 Jun 2018
Our 5 Most Exclusive Properties on the Bay of Pollensa The best way to enjoy the summer holidays is on the roof terrace of your own penthouse apartment in the north of Mallorca Sol Mallorca real estate offices currently have 19 penthouses for sale on their open books. Other more exclusive sales opportunities are kept in house and shown upon request. We have luxury homes with sea views and investment deals in need of a reform all within walking distance to the fabulous beaches of the Bay ( ... )

Top properties for sale in Mallorca

24 May 2018
Exclusive dream homes and luxury villas in the north Villa for sale in La Font, Pollensa Whatever kind of property you are looking for, the north of Mallorca probably has it; holiday pads on hilltops looking down over medieval villages, penthouse apartments on the sea front, ram ( ... )

7 Properties to Buy in Alcudia - Mallorca

12 May 2018
Our most wonderful properties for sale  Alcudia, Bonaire, the Pollensa Bay and Alcanada, on the Bay of Alcudia  What is it about Alcudia that everyone loves so much? Is it the vast open bay and clear shallow water and the magnificent gold ( ... )

The Pollensa Wine Fair

17 Apr 2018
Annual wine tasting event in the north of Mallorca La Fira de Vi de Pollença    This weekend of the 21st and 22nd of April 2018, l’Associació de Vi Primitiu de Pollença (The Pollensa Artisan Wine Association) celebrates its 15th edition of the wonderful FIRA del VI ( ... )

All About Buying a Plot of Land in Mallorca

5 Apr 2018
What are the questions you should be asking yourself about buying land in Mallorca? 10 Questions about buying land plots in Mallorca Terreno: Plot of land Buying a land plot in Mallorca to build a new house on is exciting, but do you have all the information you need? Are you aware of the extensive

Vacation Homes for Sale in Mallorca North

22 Mar 2018
Is it wise to buy a holiday home on the beautiful island of Mallorca? What more is there to say about vacations in Mallorca... that hasn’t been said before? We all know by now that the sun shines all summer and that the days are long. Even if we haven't been there we have probably see ( ... )

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Pto Pollensa

9 Mar 2018
6 Stunning apartments on the Bay of Pollensa that will change your life! If you are looking to buy a second home in the north of Mallorca and cannot afford a sprawling country estate, you may find that owning an apartment in town or by the sea is an attractive option. Often easie ( ... )

6 Luxury Apartments for Sale in Mallorca N

22 Feb 2018
Why now is the time to buy an apartment in the north of Mallorca! Own a luxury holiday home on the north coast and invest in your retirement in the Mediterranean The new rentals law, though by no means definite, has left apartments outside the lettings parameters for holiday homes

7 Amazing Town Houses to Buy in Pollensa

6 Feb 2018
Top Luxury Properties for Sale in the Heart of a Mediterranean Village in Mallorca 7 Amazing Town Houses to Buy in Pollensa Second residences, part-time holiday homes, retirement pads and buy to let investments don't come more boxed-ticked, and all singing and dancing, than a honey sandstone village house in the charming and relaxed medieval town of Pollensa. Buying real estate in the village allows for an infinity of possibilities, be it an escape ( ... )

Everything you need to know about buying property in Majorca as a foreigner

25 Jan 2018
  Most of the foreign investors coming to our offices in Majorca have many of the same questions regarding how to buy a house on the island   TOP TIPS ON BUYING PROPERTY OVERSEAS   ( ... )


18 Jan 2018
Our professional and fully comprehensive sales service and the best property deals in the north BEACHFRONT APARTMENT IN PUERTO POLLENSA Sol Mallorca Real Estate REF : A-1865 Prime real estate in Mallorca - Bargains and property deals in the Balearics At Sol Mallorca Real Estate we provide pro ( ... )

Seven simple summer activities for teens in Mallorca

26 Dec 2017
They are BORED... Tired, apathetic and bad tempered... What to do with teenagers on their summer holidays Finding things for them to do and keeping them entertained can be a full time job and who wants a full time job on holiday!?  If you own a property on the island and can come out whenev ( ... )

Why winter is a great time to buy a house in Mallorca

19 Dec 2017
  Could it make any difference what time of year you start the process of investing in Mallorca real estate? Is it easier to buy property out of season? Does the winter on the island lend itself better to buying a home? It may seem unusual to claim that the month you purchase a house in will have any relevance at all, but on a seasonal island such as Mallorca, timing is essential. If you are thinking of investing in property in Mallorca C ( ... )

How to fix and flip property in Mallorca

5 Dec 2017
Get big cash profits buying and selling on the island     All about how to flip a house in Mallorca   I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the fix and flip opportunities available on the island and why, if done properly, this can be a great way to make a lot of money. ( ... )

Moving to Mallorca

24 Nov 2017
The ins and outs of life on a Mediterranean island Island living, property buying, relocating, health and schools  Mallorca is a small Mediterranean island off the coast of mainland Spain, the largest of the Balearics, holiday spot on brochures all over the world, home to top tennis players, celebrities and royals, and the location of your new home. So, what to do next? Are you

8 Features that will help you sell your home

9 Nov 2017
What property buyers are looking for in Pollensa    Pollensa home buyers usually spend as little as 15 minutes on a property viewing, largely looking for cosmetic defects, and will take a mental snap shot to analyse later. You want them to see your house in the best possible light. This is not to say you have to make any major changes, or embark on a total reformation, but a few small tweaks will go a long way towards making your home look as good as it can.  

Why is everyone buying a house in Pollensa?

20 Oct 2017
The Pollensa Property Market is Booming And here is why... Investing in Mallorca - Buying a house in the Balearics Mallorca is a large island. Not huge by any standards, but 3,640 km² of wildly varied terrain and landscape. The villages in the interior of the island a world apart from those on the coast, and the se ( ... )

Renting your property in Pollensa

10 Oct 2017
How to get a licence to let your Pollensa property out as a holiday home  And start making money out of your investment Pollensa as a holiday destination ticks all the boxes! Mallorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and Pollensa, on its beautiful north coast, is fast becoming the jewel of the c ( ... )

Why invest in Residential Communities in Port de Pollensa?

26 Sep 2017
Investing in Port de Pollensa's most exclusive residential areas Find out why Port de Pollensa's Residential Communities are so popular with British and North European buyers and about the different residential areas in this small village in the north of Mallorca Port de Pollensa is ideal if you are looking for a small t ( ... )

Land for Sale in Pollensa - Mallorca

14 Sep 2017
Build the house of your dreams in Pollensa, Mallorca north We have a number of plots of land for sale in the north of Mallorca with enough surface area to be able to build sizeable luxury homes in the countryside. There are two plots of land available just outside Pollensa Old Town. One is 14.566 square metres with planning permission for a ( ... )

5 MORE good reasons to buy a house and live in Pollensa

24 Aug 2017
Will it make me happy if I buy a house and live in Pollensa? Top FIVE pros to buying, moving and living in Pollensa, Mallorca 1. Happiness Happiness is as much about the way you look at things as it is about how they actually are.  How we personally synthesize happiness is down ( ... )

5 Great reasons to live in Pollensa

9 Aug 2017
Why would anyone want to live in a little Mediterranean town in the north of Majorca? Let's have a look at what you get when you live here, when you buy a home in Pollensa and move to the island for good, or part time, and start a fresh new life with family and children, meet new friends, do up the house, get healthier, feel happier

Luxury mansion for sale in Pollensa

28 Jul 2017
Stunning property with vineyards near Pollensa Golf There is no need for superlatives with this property in Pollensa, on Mallorca's most charmed northern coast. The house and photos speak for themselves. But in order to get a full picture of the house and land, it really merits to be seen in person, it deserves a viewing. Set in an exclusive location o ( ... )

Why buy property and move to Majorca

19 Jul 2017
10 reasons to buy a property and move to Majorca Having spent half my adult life on the island and met and spoken to countless people from all over who have bought property and moved to Majorca over the years, some temporarily, and some for the long haul, here is a general break down of why I think you may like it here. Majorca has stunning scenery an ( ... )

Investing in real estate overseas

5 Jul 2017
The ins and outs of investing in real estate and how to go about it overseas Investing in real estate overseas, in a foreign country is a huge financial commitment and liaising with local bureaucracy in Spanish and Catalan is no small feat. In order to make the process easier for you and ensure you are doing it right, investing well in real estate should be ( ... )

How to buy the perfect property in Mallorca

29 Jun 2017
5 Ways to find the best property and make a good investment buying real estate in the north of Mallorca Finding the perfect home for sale in Mallorca mostly comes down to TWO ESSENTIAL FACTORS: your estate agency and your research.  Your property agent  This is possibly one of the biggest money transactions< ( ... )

How to sell your house in Pollensa

20 Jun 2017
How to sell your house in Pollensa and add market value to your property The 7 things home buyers want and you can do to help sell your house in Pollensa You are putting your house in Pollensa on the market. What is going to help sell your house in Pollensa? What do you need to know about selling property in Pollensa and what& ( ... )

Sol Mallorca and Hamptons International

9 Jun 2017
We are delighted to announce our new real estate partnership Sol Mallorca Real Estate is very proud to announce that they are now the new partner for Hamptons International in Mallorca. Being associated with the biggest brand in International property is a very exciting prospect for our team and we look forward to clos ( ... )

Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

26 May 2017
Why everyone is investing in retirement property in Pollensa, Mallorca Take your time and make the right decision : Investing in retirement property in Pollensa Sol Mallorca Real Estate offers a select portfolio of properties for sale in the Pollensa area, sound investment opportunities and the possibility of enjoying a com ( ... )

Townhouse for Sale in Pollensa on the Calvario Steps - Mallorca North Coast

19 May 2017
Beautiful Townhouse for Sale in Pollensa Old Town on the Calvario Steps - Best Spot in Town We have THE townhouse for sale in Pollensa on the Calvario Steps A beautiful home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, set over 3 levels, with stunning rooftop views over the town and distant mountains in this highly sought ( ... )

Rustic villa for sale in Pollensa

5 May 2017
Find a rustic villa for sale in Pollensa, design it yourself and create the home you've always dreamt of An exclusive rustic villa for sale in Pollensa This is an exclusive piece of real estate set in the stunning valley of "Ca´n Aixartell" on the outskirts of Pollensa Old Town. This is a rare find. An ideal family home ( ... )

Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

24 Apr 2017
Why you want to buy property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa It's that time of year again. Spring Time. Enjoying spring - Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa While the UK and the north of Europe are still seeped in cold grey skies and there's ice on the car in the ( ... )

Refurbishing your home in Pollensa

20 Apr 2017
Everything you need to know about refurbishing your home in Pollensa Rebuilding, Renovating and Refurbishing your Dream Home in Pollensa Refurbishing your home in Pollensa can be an exciting project and if you do it carefully, it can be a highly lucrative one too. Your money will go a lot further in Mallorca, and the hom ( ... )

Buying to Let in Puerto Pollensa

12 Apr 2017
Buying property to let in Puerto Pollensa and Mallorca north Buying to let in Puerto Pollensa is an attractive income investment in a climate of low saving rates and a volatile stock market. In Puerto Pollensa it is also feasible, the holiday lettings market is strong. If you tweak your property in Puerto Pollensa just a little, you can be sure to let it profita ( ... )

How to buy real estate in Pollensa

28 Mar 2017
Looking for a dream home and getting the best deal when you buy real estate in Pollensa To buy real estate in Pollensa is the dream of many but not everyone will get a property in Pollensa. This is not because there are no properties available to buy in Pollensa, because there are. And it is not because they can't afford th ( ... )

Is Mallorca the best place to live in the world?

10 Mar 2017
If you could live anywhere, where would you live? And is Mallorca the best place to live in the world? Where in the world would you like to live…and is Mallorca the best place to live? There are 196 countries in the world, over 4000 cities and no way of calculating just how many towns and villages. Hundreds of thousands certainly, even ( ... )

Buying property in Mallorca, costs, fees and taxes

3 Mar 2017
ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about buying property in Mallorca, costs, fees and taxes Tips for a better understanding of property costs, fees and taxes  NOTARY AND PROPERTY REGISTRY FEES - Buying property in Mallorca, costs, fees and taxes After granting the public deed the f ( ... )

Buying Property and Living in Pollensa with Children

27 Feb 2017
Are You Dreaming About Buying Property and Living in Pollensa with Children? You want to move away from the grime and the dirt, and the noisy and dangerous city streets, you want to take your family and children out of the city and try a new life somewhere more benign and beautiful; Somewhere sunny.

Distressed real estate for sale in Pollensa

17 Feb 2017
How to find a great bargain on distressed real estate for sale in Pollensa If you are looking for a great deal on property then buying a distressed real estate for sale in Pollensa could be the best option for you. Buying a distressed real estate for sale in Pollensa Looking  ( ... )

Holiday homes for sale in Mallorca

10 Feb 2017
There are many good reasons to buy holiday homes for sale in Mallorca There are many good reasons to buy holiday homes for sale in Mallorca and many ways to go about it. Whatever your purpose, budget and dreams, you will want professional help and to start looking now, so when that perfect holiday home for sale in Mallorca pops up, you are ready to buy it. < ( ... )

Pollensa property investment in Mallorca

26 Jan 2017
How Pollensa property investment in Mallorca looks for 2017 Optimism in Pollensa property investment in Mallorca Once again, the market for Pollensa property investment in Mallorca has bounced back and is now showing real signs of growth, and all the main property agents on the island have reported significant increases in sales ( ... )

Exclusive real estate in Puerto Pollensa

16 Jan 2017
Select, luxury and exclusive real estate in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca north Puerto Pollensa has long been the playground of the rich and famous and a haven for the international community. Exclusive real estate in Puerto Pollensa is a highly sought after commodity. Specialists in exclusive real estate in Puerto Pollensa. ( ... )

Moving to Mallorca with children

3 Jan 2017
Some things you need to know about moving to Mallorca with children Mallorca was once the place to come for family holidays and to move to when you retired, but the island is becoming more and more popular with young families looking to relocate somewhere safer and more relaxed and to offer their children a different culture and new lifestyle

How to make money from your property in Pollensa

23 Dec 2016
How to make your property in Pollensa pay for itself and turn your new home in Mallorca into a lucrative investment The Pollensa property market is booming and so is the rentals market. Sol Mallorca real estate data shows that property sales in the Pollensa area for this year 2016 have increased from last year and show a huge rise from t ( ... )

Holiday homes for sale in Puerto Pollensa

7 Dec 2016
How to buy one of the best holiday homes for sale in Puerto Pollensa and turn it into the house of your dreams There are a number of reasons to buy holiday homes for sale in Puerto Pollensa and many ways to go about it. Whatever your purpose, budget and dreams, you will want professional help and to start looking now, so when that perfect holiday home ( ... )

Family home for sale in Mallorca

21 Nov 2016
There is a family home for sale in Mallorca made especially for you. The reason I can say this with so much confidence is because in Mallorca there are homes for sale of every size and style and because the island is so varied that you can find a family home for sale in Mallorca in all kinds of settings too.  Why buy a house for sale in Mallorca? Possibly one ( ... )

Village townhouse in Mallorca interior

15 Nov 2016
Buying a village townhouse in Mallorca interior - Go inland for your own little slice of paradise. Not everything I love about Mallorca is on the coast and at some points in the year; the coast is the last place I want to be. Not because I don't like it, but because I can't have it. So full and crowded you just don't get to enjoy it. No space on the be ( ... )

7 features that will help you sell your home in Mallorca

2 Nov 2016
And add market value to your property How to sell your home in Mallorca You are putting your home in Mallorca on the market and moving on, so what will help sell it? What do you need to know about selling property in Mallorca and what are the top features every homebuyer is looking for? What can you ( ... )

Buy property in Pollensa to renovate

25 Oct 2016
How to buy great property in Pollensa to renovate and refurbish ? And make your dream home in Mallorca come true. Buying property in Pollensa to renovate is an exciting project and if done with care, an extremely lucrative one too. Your money goes a lot further in Spain, the prop ( ... )

Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca

13 Oct 2016
The most exclusive residential area in Puerto Pollensa The Bellresguard estate is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Puerto Pollensa, set back 50 metres from the famous Pine Walk promenade and the marvellous Bay of Pollensa, on the outskirts of town and on route to ( ... )

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate

29 Sep 2016
Pollensa Luxury Real Estate and Property for Sale in Mallorca A word on luxury. Mallorca is a luxury in itself. It is a small island set in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast from Spain, with 3 nearby islands all of which are stunning in their own particular way. It has a generous temperate climate with long hot summers and ( ... )

What do Mallorca home buyers want?

16 Sep 2016
8 Important features every Mallorca home buyer wants in a house. What do Mallorca home buyers want, what are they looking for and what are the features which will convince any potential property buyer that your house is the one they want to buy? 1. Open plan - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

After you buy a property in Pollensa.

6 Sep 2016
You bought the house of your dreams, and now... What to do after you buy a property in Pollensa? Buying your property in Pollensa has been a long drawn out process involving countless meetings, clauses, shifts, back tracking and headaches. You have visited the island on numerous occasions for house viewings and once you chose the property yo ( ... )

Buy a second home in Pollensa

12 Aug 2016
Follow your dreams and buy a second home in Pollensa. How to buy a second home in Pollensa. The boom in luxury property sales to affluent UK investors in recent years has transformed the town and surrounding area from a fairly rustic backwater to an exclusive location, pushing house prices up and spawning a swarm ( ... )

Luxury homes for sale in Pollensa

1 Aug 2016
Luxury homes for sale in Pollensa in the island's most exclusive corner - Mallorca North. Whether a penthouse apartment with a sea view, a country villa surrounded by olive groves or a beautifully reformed townhouse, we are certain our luxury homes for sale in Pollensa will delight the most discerning client. ( ... )

Quality villas in Pollensa

25 Jul 2016
Luxury investments in quality villas for sale in Pollensa. Selected exclusive fincas and quality villas in Pollensa combine state of the art modern amenities, quality workmanship and high doses of Mediterranean charm, set in some of the most exquisite areas in the north of Mallorca, to provide the perfect real estate investment ( ... )

Buy to Let in Pollensa

8 Jul 2016
Buy to Let in Pollensa and live in Mallorca part time. First you visit Mallorca for the holidays, then you start looking to buy a house. Before you know it you are in love with Mallorca and want to find a way of buying a property on the island. But not everyone can afford to buy a second home and it is quite a luxury to have a prime piece of real es ( ... )

Why buy a house in Mallorca?

17 Jun 2016
Why would you want to buy a beautiful new house in Mallorca, in the stunning north coast? Why buy a house in Mallorca at all for that matter... It is a huge financial investment, possibly your largest expense so far, and on top of this, you are undertaking it in a foreign country and in a foreign language. Armed with right know ( ... )

The most exclusive real estate in Mallorca

6 Jun 2016
Exceptional luxury homes for sale, exclusive real estate in Mallorca in the Pollensa area. Buying exclusive real estate in Mallorca north. Sol Mallorca Real Estate connects buyers and sellers of some of the island's most exclusive properties. Our real est ( ... )

Pros and cons of relocating to Mallorca

19 May 2016
A few things to consider when buying property and relocating to Mallorca - And about living on the island. 1. Pros of relocating to Mallorca - The Lifestyle. The Mallorca lifestyle is the island's top selling point and the reason most people end up buying property and relocating to Mallorca. But don ( ... )

Property deals in Pollensa

5 May 2016
If you are looking for the best property deals in Pollensa...  Speak to us. We provide current and future property investors and real estate owners with professional sales services, customer support and long standing experience in the market. Property deals in Pollensa and real estate for sale in Mallorca no ( ... )

Villa for sale in Mallorca

29 Apr 2016
Find that villa for sale in Mallorca and buy your home in the Mediterranean. A villa for sale in Mallorca is a dream... the pipeline, when we retire... one day, when the time is right... But the market shifts and changes and there is no time like now. Why wait for a future you don't even know will come? Why ( ... )

Luxury property in Mallorca

22 Apr 2016
Find the right luxury property in Mallorca to match your lifestyle. Specialist luxury property real estate agent in Mallorca. We are a specialist real estate agency in Mallorca with one of the most excl ( ... )

Repossessed property for sale in Mallorca

7 Apr 2016
Bank repossessed property for sale in Mallorca - Pollensa real estate. How to find a great deal on repossessed property for sale in Mallorca. Repossessed property for sale in Mallorca is ( ... )

Mallorca real estate market

23 Mar 2016
The Mallorca real estate market is heating up! Why these boring statistics will interest you...and why they aren't actually very boring at all... Especially if you want to know more about the Mallorca real estate market. Mallorca real estate market UPDATE The General Council of Notaries is a trustworthy source for information and provi ( ... )

Villa for sale in Pollensa

17 Mar 2016
Finding your dream villa for sale in Pollensa, on Mallorca's north coast. There is a villa for sale in Pollensa made especially for you. The reason I can say this with so much confidence is thanks not only to the volume but also to the sheer variety of villas for sale in Pollensa. 

Pollensa real estate Mallorca

3 Mar 2016
Pollensa real estate on Mallorca's hauntingly beautiful north coast. Pollensa real estate in Mallorca is possibly one of the most sought after on the island. A far cry from the rowdy southern shores, Pollensa exudes elegance and calm. Surrounded by mountains and a short drive from the sea, the old town is nestled quite literally into the

Mallorca Property loans and Mortages

25 Feb 2016
Getting a property loan or mortgage in Mallorca. Mallorca property loans and mortgages in the perfect climate. Is it cheaper than ever to finance Mallorca property loans and mortgages? The eurozone base rates ended 2015 on all all time low, in fact they ended 2015 at the lowest rate on record and aren ( ... )

Spanish Inheritance Law in Mallorca

10 Feb 2016
What is the new Spanish inheritance law... and how does it apply to Mallorca property owners?  This is the question we get asked, just about every day. And while there are a huge number of blogs and websites out there that will explain it thoroughly, experts in law and finance and real estate agents with a sound understan ( ... )

A townhouse for sale in Pollensa

30 Jan 2016
Are you looking for a townhouse for sale in Pollensa? Investing in property in the Pollensa area, in northern Mallorca. Pollensa is possibly one of the most popular areas to invest in property in Mallorca. British, German and Scandinavian primarily, but also local Mallorcan and peninsular Spanish buyers prefer Pollensa to th ( ... )

Luxury property in Pollensa.

17 Jan 2016
Exclusive and luxury property in Pollensa. Pollensa has long been the playground of the rich and famous and a haven for the exclusive international community. Luxury property in Pollensa is a highly sought after commodity. Why look for luxury property in Pollensa? Beautifully designed and expertly built, luxury property ( ... )

Buy a house in Pollensa

8 Jan 2016
10 good reasons to buy a house in Pollensa  We think Pollensa has it all; stunning scenery and majestic mountains, beaches to die for and delicious local cuisine, a safe and friendly atmosphere and year round wonderful weather in a beautiful setting with a vibrant ( ... )

Buying a property in Puerto Pollensa

31 Dec 2015
Are you buying a property in Puerto Pollensa ?  Select from our exclusive Puerto Pollensa property portfolio. Choosing the perfect new home - Buying a property in Puerto Pollensa.  Our property portfolio in Puerto Pollensa includes apartm ( ... )

Retirement property in Mallorca

17 Dec 2015
Buying your retirement property in Mallorca - A small patch of paradise. Buying property in Mallorca offers bargain deals, sound investment and a wonderful retirement abroad, provided you choose the right property agent

Exclusive homes in Puerto Pollensa

3 Dec 2015
The Finest Selection of Exclusive Homes in Puerto Pollensa - Mallorca North. Exclusive homes in Puerto Pollensa  - Luxury in the north of Mallorca. Puerto Pollensa, up on the north coast of Mallorca, has that exquisite mix of old world charm and modern Mediterranean style and some of the mos ( ... )

Puerto Pollensa housing market

9 Nov 2015
Housing market in Puerto Pollensa - Mallorca's prime location. Why is Puerto Pollensa housing in such a great location? Puerto Pollensa, in the north of Mallorca, is a prime house buying location for a number of reasons. First of all there is the CLIMATE. It boas ( ... )

Puerto Pollensa real estate

29 Oct 2015
Investing in Puerto Pollensa real estate - Homes, houses and properties in Mallorca. Puerto Pollensa real estate – it’s all about location! The Pollensa Bay (Bahía de Pollensa) area, provides Puerto Pollensa real estate, new homes, townhouses, sea view apartments, luxury villas and exclusive properties in an area of ( ... )

Invest in Mallorca Property

20 Oct 2015
Mallorca Property - Invest in your Future, invest in Mallorca. Invest in Mallorca property market, 2015-2016. The Mallorca property market has now, finally, ( ... )
Houses for sale in Mallorca

Houses for sale in Mallorca

8 Oct 2015
Real estate deals, hot property and houses for sale in Mallorca, Spain. There is a fine selection of exclusive real estate, villas and houses for sale in Mallorca. For a relatively small holiday destination in the Balearic Islands, just off the Spanish mainland, Mallorca packs in a remarkable quantity of high quality villas and luxury properties, as ( ... )

Property Investment in Mallorca - House Buying in the Balearics

24 Sep 2015
Investing in Property and Real Estate in Mallorca The Mallorca Property Investment Market At long last, the Mallorca property investment market is showing healthy signs of growth with all the major real estate agents on the island reporting significant increases in sales. Already in the autumn of 2014 sales activity began to gro ( ... )

Puerto Pollensa property agents

10 Sep 2015
PROPERTY AGENTS IN PUERTO POLLENSA HOW TO GET YOUR DREAM PROPERTY IN PUERTO POLLENSA. Our tips and house-hunting advice on how to find the perfect home. Puerto Pollensa Property Agents say the time is RIGHT! It's time to get serious. Puerto Pollensa pro ( ... )

Buy to Let in Mallorca

27 Aug 2015
Buy a house in Mallorca, let it in summer and visit in spring. Buy to Let in Mallorca - Mediterranean Island Paradise. Mallorca is a beautiful Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain, cultured, geographically diverse and blessed with the kind of climate which allows you to ( ... )

A brief guide to living in Mallorca

13 Aug 2015
Mallorca Living - a guide to health, work, schools and much more... You have been to Mallorca on holiday, perhaps more than once. Now you are thinking of buying a house and living in Mallorca! Making the move - Buying a house and living in Mallorca We have all sat on a Mallorcan beach at some point and dreamt of a life on the island; ( ... )

Luxury real estate in Mallorca

31 Jul 2015
Mallorca Exclusive homes and Luxury Real Estate in the North Mallorca has long been the playground of the rich and famous and a haven for the exclusive international community. Luxury real estate in Mallorca is a highly sought after commodity. We specialise in providing luxury villas and high end real estate in the north of the island.  < ( ... )

House buying in Puerto Pollensa

16 Jul 2015
Buying property in Puerto Pollensa, (Majorca) The house buying market trends in Puerto Pollensa 2015. The property market in Mallorca is waking up again and 2014-15 has seen a positive upsurge in house viewings and real estate sales all over the island. Puerto Pollensa has always been attractive to house buyers and is now once again a&n ( ... )

Property for Sale Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

26 Jun 2015
Puerto Pollensa Property for Sale - Mallorca's North Coast Property for sale in Puerto Pollensa on Mallorca's north coast is highly sought after and a wise real estate investment.  An exceptional location, year round good weather and accessibility both to the island and from Palma airport, make Puerto Pollensa particularly attractive to property investors and potential home buyers.  

Buying Property in Mallorca

13 May 2015
Buying Property - The Mallorca Dream Buying property in Mallorca was never about investments, capital appreciation and rental prospects; it was always and still is, about buying a dream home in the sun. It is an intuitive and romantic move towards a better life. The fact that buying property in Mallorca is also possibly one of the best fin ( ... )

Renovating property in Mallorca

14 Apr 2015
Rebuilding, refurbishing and renovating your dream property in Mallorca. Renovating property in Mallorca is an exciting project and if done with care, a lucrative one too. Your money goes a lot further in Spain, the property you do up will be a much closer fit to the one you have dreamt of and you have holidays lined up on a Mediterranean island for the foreseeable future.

Mallorca Real Estate

6 Feb 2015
Market Specialists in Mallorca Real Estate  Mallorca Real Estate Agents - Finding You The Right Property - Get The Help You Need! As Mallorca real estate specialists, we have just the right local know how

House Buying in Mallorca North

15 Jan 2015
House Buying in Mallorca North - Location-Location-Location! House buying in Mallorca´s north coast covers a few essential property buying rules from the start.  House Buying Tips in the North of Mallorca

Buy a Holiday Home as a Second Residence

10 Dec 2014
And Enjoy Holidays in Mallorca All Year Round Mallorca is a magical place with a varied and extreme landscape and mild weather throughout the year, it is also a very different place from one season to the next and owning a second residence in Mallorca affords you the unique opportunity ( ... )


22 Nov 2014
Son March - Luxury property for sale in  Pollensa - Vall de March. Magnificent property for sale in Pollensa, in prime location. Son March is a magnificent country property for sale in Pollensa, set in the exclusive Vall de March valley on the outskirts of the old Town.

Living in Mallorca

6 Nov 2014
Living in Mallorca is a lifestyle choice! Living in Mallorca is about making the choice to enjoy life in a relaxed and cosmopolitan place. Living in Mallorca and buying property on the Island. The Balearic archipelago is the most popular holiday destination in Europe and Mallorca, the largest island and main commercial hub, is the jewel of the crown. Living in Mallorca is about making that holiday fe ( ... )

Mallorca property market

28 Oct 2014
Buying property in Mallorca - It´s a lifestyle choice destination Mallorca is a prime property buying location. It boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, 23 golf courses, 25 marinas and due to increased restrictions, European standards in building. Mallorca property market is looking up! The Mallorc ( ... )

10 Good reasons to live in Mallorca

10 Oct 2014
Have you considered moving ?     We think Mallorca has it all; stunning scenery and majestic mountains, beaches to die for and delicious local cuisine. Then there is the safe and friendly atmosphere, it isn't too far away and has wonderful weather most of the year, in a beautiful setting ( ... )

Our new offices published in Diario de Mallorca

30 Sep 2014
Inmobiliaria Sol Mallorca and Felip Polar - An architectural collaboration of sale and design. We are extremely proud our offices have appeared in a publication of the local newspaper Diario de Mallorca, on Monday, 29th of September 2014. The article centres on our new offices in Puerto Pollensa, a collaboration between us and up and coming interior designer

Luxury property for sale in Puerto Pollensa

11 Sep 2014
Puerto Pollensa luxury homes and exclusive villas  Beautifully designed and expertly built luxury property for sale in the most stunning seafront location on Mallorca´s northern coast, in Puerto Pollensa. Puerto Pollensa luxury property for sale on the beach, along the ( ... )

5 tips on how to find the best property in Mallorca

30 Jul 2014
Sol Mallorca Real Estate's Top Tips on How to Find the Best Property in Mallorca Property in Mallorca comes in all shapes and sizes, and in all kinds of areas too. Where in Mallorca you decide to buy your property and how you choose the best property depends ( ... )

Moros i Cristians

23 Jul 2014
The battle of the Moors and Christians takes place every year in Pollensa on the 2nd of August, the day of Pollensa´s patron saint, la Mare de Deu del Angels, Our Lady of Angels.  It is the re-enactment of the great battle between the Christians and their Moorish captors which took place in 1550 when the Saracen Pirates anchored off the beach of Cala San Vicente and raided the town. Traditions says that a young&n ( ... )

Sol Mallorca offices in Puerto Pollensa

15 Jul 2014
Visit us at our brand new offices in Puerto Pollensa Over 30 years in real estate, a lifetime in the north of Mallorca and a passion for the business make Sol Mallorca the first option when looking to buy, sell or rent property on the island.  We have moved to a great new location, right in front of the marina, on the waterfront, in Puerto Pollensa.  ( ... )

Distressed property for sale in N Mallorca

30 Jun 2014
Buy your home on the island at a bargain Where to look and how to buy distressed real estate in the Balearics If you are on the market for a great deal on property in Mallorca then buying a distressed prope ( ... )

We are moving, we invite you to visit our new office Puerto de Pollensa

17 Jun 2014
  WE ARE MOVING We are happy to celebrate our 31st anniversary with a new logo and moving in to our new office in front of the marina of Puerto de Pollença. The office that we have been in during all these years at Juan XXII, 94 will no longer be our office from the beginning of July. Please come and see us in our new location: Paseo Saralegui, 48 – Puerto de Pollença (next to Restaurante “LOS FAROLES ( ... )
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