Why is everyone buying a house in Pollensa?

The Pollensa Property Market is Booming

And here is why...

Why eceryone is buying a house in Pollensa

Investing in Mallorca - Buying a house in the Balearics

Mallorca is a large island. Not huge by any standards, but 3,640 km² of wildly varied terrain and landscape. The villages in the interior of the island a world apart from those on the coast, and the sea side towns very different from those in the mountains. 

The area you live in will determine your experience of Mallorca; in terms of lifestyle, accessibility, investment opportunity and services.

And if you are buying property to reform and re-sell, or to let on a weekly holiday letting basis, then location is more important than ever.

Choosing the best location to buy a house is essential. 

But how do I know where to buy a house? 

It is worthwhile asking yourself a few key questions based on what you want out of your house and who you are buying a house for.

This may seem odd. But it isn't at all. Bear with me here, because a large amount of people buy houses in Mallorca with one aim in mind only to find the reality is very different.

For example. If you are buying a house to retire in and have big dreams of grandchildren visiting every summer, or want to do up a house and let it out, both of which are viable ideas where you buy a house and the kind of house you buy is going to decide how successful you are.

Your grandchildren will get to an age when they want to travel elsewhere, and you may be left bouncing around a house far too big for you, or your beautifully renovated home is badly located, too far inland, or too near other holiday lets, making it less desirable as a rental home.

In order to help you choose the perfect location, Sol Mallorca real estate agents will make a thorough study of your expectations and find you a match.

Where to buy in Mallorca?

To help you decide, look at a map.

Wherever you are in Mallorca you are never far from the airport, or far from the sea. Having said that, we get extremely lazy here, and summer traffic, bloated with rental cars can make getting around timeconsuming. So having a good direct road route to Palma airport goes a long way towards making your house feel accessible.

The main roads out of Palma go west to Andratx, east to Manacor and north to Alcudia and Pollensa.

The beauty of Pollensa is that the road carries on to Alcudia, so you have to make a concerted effort to veer off onto the road which goes north to Pollensa old town and then on to the Port of Pollensa on the coast.

And it is this small and seemingly insignificant detail, which gives Pollensa and the area around it, its special allure.

Off the beaten track and yet entirely accessible, you can drive to Palma de Mallorca airport in 45 minutes, and to the sea in 10. 

The mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana are a constant backdrop, regulating temperatures and protecting the town from severe northern winds and the vast Bay of Pollensa does the same from the north, creating a little haven, nestled into the foothills, medieval and cosmopolitan, the perfect place to buy a house in Mallorca.

Property in Pollensa

Property prices in the Pollensa area never really dropped during the crisis years, they simply froze, and now, with the new surge of investment, prices are starting to go up again. But houses prices are still permissible and given the investment cache of the area, the risk is low.

Why is everyone buying property in Pollensa?

Pollensa is a beautiful town; with elements of Roman and Arabic architecture, medieval facades and cobbled streets and a new flush of renovation which is cleansing and adding life to the town's houses.

Pollensa is well located: 45 minutes from Palma and the airport, 6km from the coast.

Pollensa is International: Pollensa has seen foreign visitors arriving in town for over a century, with some of the first residents settling over 50 years ago, and now, a large number of young families from all over Europe, working in town and putting their children in the local schools.

Pollensa is Popular: There is no end to Pollensa's charm. No matter how hot the summer, how busy the square or how high the rental prices of holiday villas, people keep visiting, and now, buying houses in Pollensa.

Stunning beaches to the north and east, with long stretches of golden sand and tiny coves with crystal clear waters make this one of the most spectacular areas to enjoy the beach life. The Pollensa coastline is also great for sailing, as some of the best spots are fairly inaccessible on land.