Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca

The most exclusive residential area in Puerto Pollensa

Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca?

The Bellresguard estate is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Puerto Pollensa, set back 50 metres from the famous Pine Walk promenade and the marvellous Bay of Pollensa, on the outskirts of town and on route to Formentor.

There are few areas which so fully englobe the spirit of Puerto Pollensa and enjoy the multiple benefits of life near the sea as a property in Bellresguard.

Modern luxury living set in beautifully well maintained gardens with swimming pools, a few steps from the beach yet private and safely gated away from the road.

Puerto Pollensa - Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca?

Puerto Pollensa is no longer the small fishing village it once was a century ago. The town has grown and spread across the Bay of Pollensa, and has become a cosmopolitan and elegant modern town and holiday resort with a modern infrastructure, good roads, amenities and a vast and varied array of eateries, pavement cafes, shops and restaurants to cater to the tastes of a wealth of visitors and local residents. 

Puerto Pollensa has kept one thing from its fishing village days however. It still conserves its old world charm and the startling beauty of its location by the sea.

When you buy property in Bellresguard you have all this at hand, while remaining set apart. The complex is a collection of communities set around private gardens with a central swimming pool, designed as a harmonious interplay between indoor and outdoor areas, with a flourish of nature against the majestic backdrop of the Tramuntana Mountains.

Penthouse Apartments - Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca? 

The choice of property in Bellresguard is significantly higher quality in build, design and location than the rest of Puerto Pollensa. The area is situated just off the road to Formentor, near the exclusive Illa d´Or hotel and the Fortaleza private property, which has featured in some of the most well acclaimed international productions to be filmed on the island, as well as being a luxury event venue for film stars and celebrities. 

When you buy property in Bellresguard you are purchasing a slice of highly sought after real estate, a worthy property investment on the island and a valuable asset. For the most part, buying property in Bellresguard is also an investment in high end quality new builds, apartments and penthouse apartments a few short steps from the exclusive end of the Bay of Pollensa.

Luxury Living - Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca?

Designed originally by the Ruisech construction family, the property in Bellresguard, Majorca, is built to exacting standards, with comfortable and spacious interiors, of a minimalist and elegant style, large open terraces looking out over the gardens and state of the art appliances and features which make living in this delightful area a delight.

Luxury is not only felt in the buildings themselves however, but in the entire Bellresguard complex, in the natural surrounding inside and beyond the residential area, and in the stunning location, literally 200 metres from the beach. 

Near Town - Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca?

When you buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca, you are purchasing a home as near to town as you can possibly get without actually being in town. Puerto Pollensa, with all its bustle and foot fall is a short stroll away down the Pine Walk but you won't hear the activity from your property in Bellresguard, no tourists walk past your house and certainly no one but the private owners of other Bellresguard properties will set foot in the complex.

Lock and Go Apartments - Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca?

As a part time or second residence in Majorca, property in Bellresguard is easy to lock up and leave. Without the hassle and the expense of maintenance and upkeep, when you buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca, you are purchasing a home within a community, so not only will groundsman and neighbours keep an eye out for you, but the area is closed to the public and subsequently, safe. This is not a shabby home in the countryside that will require expensive upkeep. The building and workmanship of all the property in Bellresguard is of a superior quality, resistant to weather and time.

Buy to Let - Why buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca?

Once you have decided to buy property in Bellresguard, Majorca, you will be a position to decide whether you wish to let your new home as a holiday rental while you are not in residence and secure a passive income. This is the choice many who buy property in Bellresguard make, and because the area is so delightfully exclusive, the villas and holiday homes in Bellresguard fetch the highest rates.