Where to buy property in Mallorca


A great place to buy property

Mallorca has to be one of the best places to live in the world and hence a great place to buy a property. It is extremely safe and secure for one, crime so low the occasional sleepy robbery hits the headlines like a shock and the police are friendly and efficient. It has good, well maintained roads and traffic is low and slow, in fact life in Mallorca is all about slow living. 

Deciding where in Mallorca to buy your new home 

Mallorca is an island of immense possibilities. It is just big enough to allow for the differences in terrain, character and even climate, and yet the longest you can drive from point to point is an hour and a half, unless you circumnavigate the entire island of course. So, deciding where to buy property in Mallorca is essential to making a sound investment and ensuring your new home is well located and suits your lifestyle.

As a sweeping overview, Mallorca is flat in the middle and ridged by mountains down the entire south west to north east coast. The other two sides of the square, so to speak, are made up of long golden beaches. Deciding where to choose to buy property in Mallorca depends therefore on the kind of landscape you wish to buy your property in.

Do you want mountain views or prefer to look out at the sea? Are you looking to buy a country house set in large unspoiled land, a luxury apartment perhaps or a villa near the coast? There are modern penthouse apartments on the beach in Puerto Pollensa, exclusive private hillside villas in Formentor and townhouses with sandstone arches and cobbled patios hidden in Pollensa old town.

Where you buy is possibly the most important factor of all because it will determine how good an investment you make, how attractive your property will be to a burgeoning holiday rentals market and how much you will be able to enjoy it when you are here. 

The immense charm of the north of Mallorca

The north of Mallorca has always been the most remote and unspoiled part of the island. The haunt of artists and wealthy eccentrics, it has drawn an eclectic cosmopolitan crowd to its romantic shores. Personalities from the world stage continue to buy property and settle, at least part time, in the north of Mallorca.

The property market in the north is more vital than elsewhere yet the prices are higher too. Good deals are increasingly difficult to come by, a large amount of the town houses and nearby villas already restored and modernized, are in the process of being re sold. Land is valuable on this small patch of an island and will continue to be so, and the house you buy will make a great home tomorrow. 

Investing in property in Mallorca - a second home

For decades it was a bit of a secret. You had to be fairly purposeful to even get here in the first place, and once you did, well, you kept it quiet. The north of Mallorca is still today the most coveted area of the island and property prices reflect this.

A large amount of the more run down villas, fincas and country homes have been restored to high standards and are being put up for sale again. Or buy a villa in need of a refurb, design and restore your new residence to your specifications. To buy property in the north of Mallorca is a guarantee that your investment is safe.

The area is becoming increasingly protected and new builds are heavily controlled, making property hard to come by and highly in demand. Where to buy is a no brainer really, because the north of Mallorca offers great property deals at the least risk and the largest benefits.

Rent a villa in Mallorca - try before you buy

Where you buy property in Mallorca decides pretty much how you will experience Mallorca so it is worth renting a car and driving around a bit. Or if you have the time, take a winter break, rent a villa or town house and spend a fortnight in Mallorca, checking out the property for sale, the different areas and types of houses and getting to know the island.

There are villas, apartments and beach side bungalows, chalets in holiday resorts, fincas in the country and grand country estates in the hills. Then when you buy property in Mallorca you will be doing so well informed and clear about where suits you best.