Village townhouse in Mallorca interior

Buying a village townhouse in Mallorca interior - Go inland for your own little slice of paradise.

Village townhouse in Mallorca interior

Not everything I love about Mallorca is on the coast and at some points in the year; the coast is the last place I want to be. Not because I don't like it, but because I can't have it. So full and crowded you just don't get to enjoy it. No space on the beaches, no places in the square. And when the coast is taken, it is time to move elsewhere.

This is the time of year when we locals and semi locals like to go inland

Village townhouse in Mallorca interior for the summer holidays.

The peak summer season in Mallorca is July and August and though the island does see visitors arriving throughout the year; cyclists in early spring, OAPs in the late summer, birdwatchers come for the seasonal bird migrations in spring and autumn as do those in the know, generally.

But we can't all travel off season. Some of us are constrained to school and work holidays and just have to take our family breaks when everyone else does. This poses a dilema. You would like to buy a villa or village townhouse in Mallorca to use as a holiday home. You want to buy in Mallorca because you know the weather is great and the flights are short and pretty hassle free. Cheap too. 

You know it is safe and affordable, and that you can get by quite easily in English. It's a holiday island after all, it's all set up. But you don't want to share your holidays, fight for tables in restaurants, a spot on the beach, etc.

Now, I would like to propose something different.

Village townhouse in Mallorca interior - Away from the beach!

Most people presume that if they are going to buy a house in Mallorca then it should be right on the beach. But they may be quite mistaken.

The beach in Mallorca is sardine packed for the greater part of the summer, and unless you travel far by car and on foot you won't find anything remotely resembling the glorious white sand beaches seen on the travel brochures. 

However, and luckily for us, the vast majority of holidaymakers who come to Mallorca in the summer don't think to go exploring inland, so the villages in the Mallorca interior are left in peace. And this is where you will be; away from the hoards, relaxed in your own private haven of calm, in a beautiful village townhouse in Mallorca interior.

Village townhouse in Mallorca interior - The money you will save!

A decision this big is not going to be based on picturesque views and friendly neighbours alone. It's the money that speaks here, and if you are investing in a village townhouse in Mallorca interior then you will be right to weigh up the wisdom of such a choice.

The Mallorca interior is by no means as coveted nor as expensive as the coast. It is a lot cheaper to buy a village townhouse in Mallorca interior but it may well be a lot harder to resell. This needs to be taken into account. As do all the other reasons you are buying a village townhouse in Mallorca interior, it will help you make the right decision.

Why do you want to buy a village townhouse in Mallorca interior? 

Are you planning to move in to your village townhouse in Mallorca interior permanently, semi permanently? 

If you are looking for a beautiful second home away from it all then you are wise to go inland.

The villages in Mallorca interior have kept all the charm and natural beauty that the rest of the island has lost or is slowly losing. The landscape is made up of rolling flats gently rising towwards the foothills of the Tramuntana. This is an area of sleepy sandstone villages and vineyards. In fact, the local wineries are amassing awards and the quality of the local Mallorca wines is excellent. 

Are you looking to make a real estate investment in a village townhouse in Mallorca?

If you are looking at investing in property in Mallorca then a village townhouse in Mallorca interior may or may not be a good choice. You will have to weigh up a good few elements; location for starters: how near you are to Palma and to the coast, and also whether the property can be renovated to raise its market value. 

Are you interested in letting your village townhouse in Mallorca interior as a summer rental?

If you were hoping to let the village townhouse out when you are not in residence, then you may struggle, as most holidaymakers will be looking for a villa near the sea and your village townhouse in Mallorca interior is going to fetch lower prices and be far less popular that a myriad of other villas to let in Mallorca. 

Village townhouse in Mallorca interior - Buy your own little slice of paradise.