Villa for sale in Pollensa

Finding your dream villa for sale in Pollensa, on Mallorca's north coast.

There is a villa for sale in Pollensa made especially for you. The reason I can say this with so much confidence is thanks not only to the volume but also to the sheer variety of villas for sale in Pollensa. 


Why do you want to buy a villa for sale in Pollensa?

Possibly one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when looking for a villa for sale in Pollensa. It will help you decide on the type of villa you want to buy, the location, setting, budget and extra costs you are willing to invest after you purchase your villa for sale in Pollensa. 

Villas tend to refer to reformed, traditional Mallorca fincas or countryhomes in the outskirts of town and in the Mallorca countryside but have come to mean any type of property: holiday villas, hilltop villas, pool villas, townhouses and apartments, ground floor and penthouse villas, luxury villas and remote villas, all real estate in the Pollensa area, be it in town, by the sea, in the foothills or in the mountains will be advertised and sold as a villa for sale in Pollensa.

What type of villa for sale in Pollensa are you looking for?

The most sought after kind of property or villa for sale in Pollensa is usually a country villa with land and a private pool or a house in the old town. The most important factor to determine will be what you want your villa in Pollensa for. Are you looking for a holiday villa, a second home or a buy to let opportunity? Do you require real estate as an investment in Mallorca, as a place to escape, as a business opportunity or as a lifestyle choice?

It is often the case that the villa for sale in Pollensa you thought you wanted is not necessarily the villa best suited to you. Buying a villa for sale in Pollensa, be it a small apartment by the beach or a luxury villa for sale in Pollensa's most exclusive residential areas, is an important decision and one you will want to get completly righ from the start.

Choosing a villa for sale in Pollensa to suit you.

To a large extent, the type of villa you want will determine the environment and location, but not entirely. You can find an exclusive villa for sale in Pollensa town, a luxury townhouse with a pool in the courtyard hidden down unassuming cobbled lanes, or conversely, a small bungalow villa for sale on Pollensa Bay, along the beach with panoramic sea views. 

However, townhouses tend to be in town, villas with pools in the surrounding countryside and apartments on the coast. Be clear about the reasons you want a villa in Pollensa, what you are planning to use it for: holidays, family gatherings, villa rentals, long term investment or retirement home... it should help you choose the right villa for sale in Pollensa for you.

Asking the right questions about the villa for sale in Pollensa.

The right questions are not always the ones you would think of first. Countless home buyers have invested in a villa for sale in Pollensa only to find they don't like the seafront/countryside/residential area. Others find out the costs of upkeep, maintenance, pools, or discover that the winter isn't quite what they imagined.

Most however, find themselves in a magical place, delighted to have moved to Pollensa, happy with their new villa for sale in Pollensa. They find a new community, friendly neighbours, cheap flights back home and a slow paced and appealing lifestyle, a new adventure.

Their villa for sale in Pollensa can also provide a welcome income as a rental villa in the months it is empty. Home buyers in Pollensa frequently discover the delights of the island out of season and are more than happy to rent their villa in Pollensa and avoid the crowded holiday season.

How close is the villa to the shops? Can you walk into town? When your children/grandchildren/friends are not visiting, will it be too big just for you? Can you lock up and leave it or will it need maintenance work while you are away? Will you have to reform it, modernise it, and how much will it cost?

Also, what do I need to know about buying to let? Can anyone rent their villa in Pollensa? What are the costs, what are the legal requirements, how much commission will the rental agencies ask for? Does my villa for sale in Pollensa require a pool, does every bedroom need its own bathroom, how much can I hope to get?

Understanding Pollensa - Choosing a location for a villa for sale in Pollensa town.

Pollensa old town is relatively small in size and medieval in design, with old sandstone houses set around the central square. Modern apartment blocks for sale in Pollensa have sprung up in the reclaimed land around town, providing a comfortable alternative to the ancient Mallorcan homes, ideal for part time visitors looking to buy a villa for sale in Pollensa they can simply lock up and leave. 

Further out of town, there are villas for sale in Pollensa in the higher ground, hilltop luxury villas for sale in Pollensa's Calvario steps, and in the valleys, Vall de Colonya, Vall de March. Then comes La Font and Ternelles, traditionally the most exclusive areas around Pollensa, more remote and set in vibrant gardens in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains. Here you will find exclusive estates and villas for sale in Pollensa with private land, walking distance from the town centre.

Understanding Pollensa - Choosing a location for a villa for sale in Pollensa countryside.

All the more correctly termed villas for sale in Pollensa are to be found in the countryside which spreads between Pollensa old town and the Port of Pollensa on the coast. Down lanes and country roads there are a myriad of villas for sale in Pollensa, in different sizes, styles and quality of design and building work. Some make for excellent holiday villas and rental villas. Others are in need of a modernising touch and offer interesting investment opportunities. 

Find your villa for sale in Pollensa with the help of SolMallorca real estate agents.

In order to find the right villa for sale in Pollensa, to be perfectly safe and certain that the real estate you are being offered is both legal and exactly what it is advertised to be, and to be kept abreast of the entire buying process, you will need to have a trusted property agent at your side.

SolMallorca is a local Pollensa based property agency which has been operating in town for over 30 years. It is quite possibly the oldest existing real estate provider in the North of Mallorca, and it is an indicator of their professionalism that they are a well respected and thriving business with a select portfolio of villas for sale in Pollensa.

And now, let's look for your villa for sale in Pollensa.