Vacation Homes for Sale in Mallorca North

Vacation homes for sale in Mallorca

Is it wise to buy a holiday home on the beautiful island of Mallorca?

What more is there to say about vacations in Mallorca... that hasn’t been said before?

We all know by now that the sun shines all summer and that the days are long.

Even if we haven't been there we have probably seen photos of its beaches and the turquoise Mediterranean waters that lap at its shores.

Most of us will have seen the ads, read the blogs, heard the reports...

Mallorca is not only the vacation choice of partygoers either, or families for that matter. 

It now has a whole new culture of cycling enthusiasts, birders, kite-surfers, and hikers, cultural and culinary weekend breaks, romance and weddings...

There are all kinds of specialist vacations going on and people drawn to the island for a myriad of different reasons.

People love coming on vacation to Mallorca...

In winter or out of season tourism is forging new relationships with Mallorca, tempting climbers into the high peaked mountains, enchanting the more discerning epicureans to the wineries in the centre of the island.

Artisan and fresh local produce has led to a culinary revival, restaurants amassing Michelin stars, traditional cooking fusing with eclectic new tastes.

This is no longer the Mallorca it once was, but it hasn't lost it either.

There is a charm that is old-world here.

And the hipster trend has come just in time, shedding cool over the old and forgotten ways.

The traditional fishing boats are now being restored, homes revamped but preserved, the village squares vibrant with new restaurants and cafes. Local olive oil, fabrics, basket ware... is all getting a new boost of life.

People love the traditional Mallorcan shoes that once only trod in peasant farmer's feet, the newly rich islanders quick to look away to more modern styles.

And now you see those same shoes in New York, Milan. 

This is an exciting time for Mallorca.

It is also the time to buy property on the island.

Is this is a good time to buy a vacation home in Mallorca ?

If you were ever in the market for a vacation home in the Balearics, now, post crisis, pre-Brexit may well be the sweetest moment to secure a deal.

There is the fact that prices bottomed out and have now began to creep upwards again.

There is the new rental law stopping apartments from being let as seasonal vacation homes, pouring vast quantities of apartments onto the market at unbelievably low prices, perfect for a summer escape pad along the beach, or a retirement home, and making your buy to let villa far easier to rent now that the cheaper apartments are off the rentals market. Either way, you win.

Brexit or no Brexit, you will always enjoy owning a property in the sunshine.

And it is an exciting time to live in Mallorca.

Especially in the north of the island.

The north of the island of Mallorca

Safe, calm, peaceful and an amazing place to bring up your children; the north of the island is picture postcard perfect for families with young kids and retired couples.

Property in the area is well built and if reformed, beautifully done up. If yet to be reformed, then it's an opportunity both to create the vacation home of your dreams, and to capitalise on your investment, making your home in the sun an easy sell down the line.

The market is booming of late and the new home owners all want highly qualified builders, architects, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. that they can trust, and this has risen the bar, forcing professionals to be more professional and standards to go up.

English and state schools in the north of Mallorca

There is a new English school in the area too, and that helps, because although you may feel perfectly comfortable sending young kids to a local Spanish/Catalan speaking school, older children can sometimes struggle with a new language on top of everything else, and if you are thinking of a semi permanent move, then the international schooling option can be best.

That said, local state-run schools are excellent, a little more traditional than UK schools, high on discipline and well prepared to send your spawn onwards and upwards.

Besides, you will be giving your children an amazing gift: a new language (or two)!

Buy-to-let vacation homes in the north of Mallorca

The buy to let option is also enticing and often a great opportunity to make your investment pay for itself.

Because no matter what, people always want a holiday in the sunshine and Mallorca, with its varied and curious terrain, high mountain peaks, stunning beaches and coves, has a climate that makes living outdoors almost compulsory and certainly a pleasure, practically all year round.

There are only a few months which you may prefer to avoid; late November and December can be dark and cold; shops, cafes and restaurants lock down for the winter, leaving the towns and villages very quiet and the coastal resorts bare.

Later in the New Year, after the balmy January spell, February is often bleak and wet, necessary of course to refill the mountain reservoirs and sparse water table for the busy, water thirsty, summer months.

That said, for many of us who live here all year round, the winter is a time of tranquillity, spent enjoying the company of friends and the wonderful natural world of empty beaches, stunning skies and wild mountain ranges.