Seven simple summer activities for teens in Mallorca

They are BORED... Tired, apathetic and bad tempered...

What to do with teenagers on their summer holidays

Seven simple summer activities for teens in Mallorca

Finding things for them to do and keeping them entertained can be a full time job and who wants a full time job on holiday!? 

If you own a property on the island and can come out whenever suits, you get the well-deserved break in the sunshine.

But as the kids get older and less malleable, they become harder to control. Teens are epecially tricky. They don't want to do anything at all. Everything is either boring or so embarrassing they wouldn't be seen dead doing it. 

So how do you get them out of bed, off the sofa and out of the house so you too can relax?

If you have a large finca with a pool this may be easier, and they might actually like just hanging. Especially if they are allowed to bring a friend along on holidays. But what else can teenagers do in Mallorca?

7 simple ideas of things to do with teens in Mallorca

Sports are usually a good choice - adventure and extreme particularly.

Mallorca is amazing for all kinds of sports, and in the summer water sports take the prize; water skiing, wake boarding, kayak, scuba, caving, kite surfing, bouldering, sailing, you name it, we've got it. 

There's no need to invest in kit or have any previous experience either. And there are a number of sailing schools and adventure sport companies who give crash courses and organise days out and excursions. If there is one particular sport your kid likes then why not book him/her into a one-week course on the Bay of Pollensa? 

Exciting Summer activities in Mallorca for teens :


1. Kite surfing

Mallorca is the ideal place for teens to perfect their surfing skills and work on their general coolness. And when they aren't kite surfing, or kayaking, body boarding... they can chill at the beachside cafes and work on their tan. 

Kite surfing is cool. It is an adrenaline-fuelled sport. And the kite surfing schools on the Bay of Pollensa have that summer feeling surfer vibe which won't go unchecked by your teens. It is also a technical and tricky sport that will require a few training sessions before you get the hang of it. Understanding the wind, waves, currents etc. and combining it all to stay a float on the water will take a couple of lessons. The best option is a week's course. Then, who knows? Your sulky teen may actually enjoy it and want to do more!

2. English Cinema

There are a number of cinemas on the island showing films in English (as in undubbed). The best option is CineCiutat in Palma's S'escoixador old meat packing district - and now independent cinema. This is where Mallorca's International Film Festival takes place, and they show films from all over the world, have outdoor cafes, an array of food and a general easy going artsy vibe that will go down well with your teens. Arrange a full day out here, with other teens if possible and give them the sense of freedom and trendiness they are looking for.

There are other cinema options: Ocimax, Fan, Multicines Porto Pi and Festival Park offer mainstream cinema, some of which is shown in the original English version.

3. Deep water soloing

Or psico-bloc as its Mallorcan inventors named it, is a climbing, bouldering, canyoning and water-jumping bonanza of thrills that sees you climbing out from the water and then jumping back in from great heights. A great option for fearless teens. And there are some wonderful places to do it on the island and a selection of expert climbers and guides. Choose an activity organiser for all tastes. They will provide all the kit, harnesses, ropes, boat... and show you the best sites according to everyone's level. 

4. Water Parks

Mallorca has a few. The nearest one to the north of the island is Hidropark in Alcudia. There are frightening slides, wave pools, mini golf, floating water balls and bbq restaurants. Prices in peak season can be high and over 11s pay the same as adults, but it's worth it. You can spend the entire day there and there are rides for all ages. Teens will enjoy this. Book online for a discount.

5. Charter a boat

Take a boat out for the day with your teen charges and watch them go from bored and listless to engaged. Or at the very least, the wifi-free zone off the coast of the island may inspire them to take an interest. Skipper-less charters allow them to have a go at driving the boat, or if you do have a skipper, then you may be able to persuade him to let them try anyway. 

Try fishing off the boat and then take the catch home for supper! 

6. Spa treatments

Young teenage girls are generally experts at pampering and relaxing, and may be perfectly content mooching around the pool on the sun loungers all day. But why not make a day of it? Take them out to one of the island's SPA hotels and treat yourselves to a massage, facial, soak in the Jacuzzi and cocktail as a special (one-off) treat after. 


Getting your PADI underwater diving certificate is a pass to diving anywhere in the world, so what better time to learn to scuba than when you are a fearless teenager, bored, on holiday with your folks in Mallorca. Several scuba diving companies offer the course and will start in a swimming pool, go through the technical aspects and then take them out on 3 progressive dives each to a greater depth and set your teens up for that looming gap year, and a lifetime of underwater diving.