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Our tips and house-hunting advice on how to find the perfect home.


Puerto Pollensa Property Agents say the time is RIGHT!

It's time to get serious. Puerto Pollensa properties are beginning to sell fast, the island is waking up from its slumber and the house buying market is showing very definite signs of growth. The race is on!

Whether you are looking to buy a smart villa in the countryside or a modern apartment by the sea, Mallorca's low supply and high demand means that if you want to buy property you will need a few tricks.

Puerto Pollensa is a TOP PROPERTY LOCATION.

Puerto Pollensa property is highly sought after because of its incredible location. If you are looking for property to buy in Puerto Pollensa you probably already know all about how amazing this area is. But in case you don't, we may as well tell you.

Between the mountains and sea on Mallorca's north coast.

The town rests on the serene Bahía de Pollensa, a vast natural bay with lighthouse, marina and long sandy beaches on the north coast of Mallorca. It is a small coastal resort town with a bustling central square, seafront Pine Walk and fine restaurants along the beach set against a stunning mountain backdrop, the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca's emblematic mountain range.

Puerto Pollensa property agents - Tracking down the best properties in Puerto Pollensa.

Your Puerto Pollensa property agents are your friends.

You can do it alone, but you can also get help.

Good Puerto Pollensa property agents will not only have a wide selection of available properties for sale on their books, but will be able to direct you to the most suitable property, arrange visits and viewings, advise on areas, property prices and legislation, help finding a lawyer, organise paperwork and aid in the final sale.

A useful tip at this stage is to have your mortgage arrangements and property requirements clearly defined and set down in writing, this will help your property agents find you a Puerto Pollensa property match.

Your Puerto Pollensa property agents will also be able to tell you alot about the property you are interested in, so make sure you ask all the right questions;

Top 4 questions to ask your Puerto Pollensa property agents.

- How long has the property been on the market?

- Why is the property for sale: debt, death or divorce?

- Are there any other buyers interested, and if so, how many and have they made an offer?

- What is the lowest price the property owners are likely to accept?

Puerto Pollensa property viewings with your agents.

Property viewings are an all important first stage in every house buying project. Pack in too few viewings and you may find that you want to buy the first property you saw but it has since been sold. Pack in too many viewings and you will start to confuse them or not get all the necessary information. 5 or 6 property viewings in a day is a do-able amount. Find out from your property agents when is a good time and try to arrange your house visits then. Everyone will be more relaxed and you will get more out of the viewing.

Puerto Pollensa property agents viewing tip 1 - GET VISUAL EVIDENCE.

Take photos, make videos and keep a visual diary of all the properties your agents take you to. This will be invaluable later on when you are going over all the pros and cons of all the different Puerto Pollensa properties and will make it easier for your property agents to understand exactly what you like and don´t like about each property.

Puerto Pollensa property agents viewing tip 2 - SEE YOUR PROPERTY'S  POTENTIAL.

Think of the property as a whole, and how it could look with a little TLC, and not only the property as it is now.

A property in Puerto Pollensa is a space measured in square metres set in a particular location. It is not only about how many bedrooms or the present distribution of it's walls. Some things can be changed and some cannot. Look at the parts of the house that cannot be altered. We often get sidetracked by a particular style or design, but these are only cosmetic. Be forensic!

Puerto Pollensa property agents viewing tip 3 - BE FORENSIC.

Study the property thoroughly and don't be shy.

Check water pressure, look for signs of damp (believe it or not, it can rain here in the winter).

Try to figure out why the sellers are moving... a photo on the fridge door, a pile of letters etc. can hold invaluable clues.

Make a call and check phone coverage.

Try to arrange a second viewing at night or late evening. 

Speak to the property owners, if they are around. You may be able to get far more information directly from them. Things like whetehr there are any other buyers interested, offers being made, etc.

Buying property in Puerto Pollensa from your trusted agents.

Usually in property buying, potential buyers will put alot of energy in sniffing out new upcoming areas. In the case of Puerto Pollensa property this is largely unnecessary, as the area is hugely in fashion and always has been. It is more a matter of your property agent being able to find a good match and getting a sale through.

Put your trust in good Puerto Pollensa property agents with a large portfolio of houses in the area. House hunting in Mallorca is ultimately about dealing with people.