Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

Why you want to buy property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

It's that time of year again.

Spring Time.

Enjoying spring - Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

While the UK and the north of Europe are still seeped in cold grey skies and there's ice on the car in the mornings, in Mallorca spring has sprung, with almond blossoms on the trees, the sea, calm and aquamarine, the beaches primed for the arrival of sun worshippers and the sun shining. 

And though the island is largely seasonal and in these pre-summer months there are still only a few places open to eat out; most cafes and shops are closed, and it's too cold to swim in the sea, it is according to everyone who lives here, the best time of year to enjoy the island.

When you have a home in Mallorca you know this.

A home in Mallorca - Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

The weather is perfect.

But the tourists haven't arrived yet.

And if you own a property here, in Pollensa or Puerto Pollensa, in the north of Mallorca, then you can enjoy the island at this perfect time of year.

And if you are lucky enough to have property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa, you will absolutely love it in spring!

However, property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa is hard to find and highly sought after.

About the Bay - Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

The Bay of Pollensa is relatively large, with a lighthouse, fort and military owned land on one side, the magical Pine Walk, the Yacht Club, and then an extension of white sandy beaches in the middle. It stretches round towards Alcudia, with a series of rocky inlets and the beautiful beaches of Mal Pas and Bonnaire on the southern edge.

Everyone wants to buy property on the Bay of Pollensa.

And they especially want to buy property for sale on the Pine Walk.

It's quite understandable.

It is the most lovely part of Puerto Pollensa and it is a huge asset to own property on its shores. No home, apartment, villa or property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa will ever lose in value. Not even the downright abandoned properties, left to crumble, have lost any of their marketable appeal in this area. 

Puerto Pollensa - Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa has better weather than anywhere else nearby; its micro-climate is aided by the Tramuntana Mountain barrier to the west, and the temperate effect of the sea in the sheltered Bay of Pollensa. 

It is a charming resort, busy and bustling for a few peak season summer months and then completely relaxed for the rest of the year, with the character of a village by the sea, yet cosmopolitan and welcoming too.

And if you are thinking of buying property, the Bay of Pollensa offers luxury living, beautiful views and the perfect setting to escape from it all, while still being within walking distance to all the shops and amenities of town and only an hour's drive from the airport at Palma de Mallorca.

Sol Mallorca - Property for sale on the Bay of Pollensa

Help is needed though. Simply strolling up and down the Pine Walk or along the Bay of Pollensa won't get you a property for sale.

You will need a professional to guide you through the process.

After all, this is Spain; Red tape only on a par with Italy, or India.

Even if you do happen to see a for sale sign on a property for sale, you will still probably want an expert real estate office to take you through the buying process and make sure the sale is done properly.

With offices in Pollensa Old Town and on the Bay of Pollensa, in Puerto Pollensa, Sol Mallorca Real Estate offers a personalised and professional real estate service, a select portfolio of properties for sale on the Bay of Pollensa and the all over the north of Mallorca and 30 years of experience in the property market.