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There is something about Pollensa that grabs you and doesn´t let you go. Maybe it´s the central square, or the winding streets or the fact that mountains line the horizon telling you where you are. Whatever it is, Pollensa is unique

Captivated by its scenery and tranquility, by the narrow lanes with cobbled stones and the mountain backdrops against a sharp blue sky, visitors flock to Pollensa throughout the year.

It has seen some illustrious characters over the last century, Winston Churchill and Agatha Christie to name a few, and continues to draw crowds today. The thing is that people come here and want to stay. A holiday just doesn´t seem enough


Visiting Pollensa on a regular basis you begin to feel at home, get to know a couple of locals and start to dream... You start looking at the photos of properties for sale in Pollensa. You could buy a property in Pollensa, it would make matters so much easier in terms of planning holidays and you could come out whenever you liked regardless of flights or when the rental properties were available.

It is a good idea, but if you are looking into buying properties for sale in Pollensa, you will need expert advice. 

Buying properties for sale in Pollensa from a trusted agent.

At Sol Mallorca we specialize in finding properties for sale in Pollensa to match that dream. We are one of the few if not the only estate agent in Pollensa run by locals and as such have access to the best property deals in town, because not only do our customers trust us, but the house owners know that our properties for sale in Pollensa get sold. 

Properties for sale Pollensa old town, a lifestyle choice.

The Palma road brings you directly to Pollensa, yet the area remains slightly off the beaten track and attracts a more eclectic crowd. The properties for sale in Pollensa reflect this.  A culturally rich town, Pollensa hosts a classical music festival every summer in the Cloisters of Santo Domingo, the Easter procession files dramatically down the Calvario steps and from the chapel at the top you can look right over to the Bay of Puerto Pollensa.

Properties for sale in Pollensa. La Font, an exclusive spot just outside town.

La Huerta de la Font, translates loosely as the garden fountain, and traditionally this was Pollensa´s most verdant area, the town´s own vegetable garden. Properties started sprouting up in La Font with the arrival of the first foreigners back in the early 60´s and today it is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Pollensa with some of the most beautiful properties for sale in Pollensa and the surrounding area. 1.5 Km out of town and set up on the foothills of the Tramuntana mountain range, properties in La Font are uniquely located, within walking distance to town yet if you are looking for properties for sale in Pollensa but want a more serene location, La Font is a fine choice.

Properties for sale in Pollensa, on the Calvario steps, a magical place.

Properties for sale on the Calvario steps are highly sought after and hard to come by, as this is one of the most attractive spots in town. The Calvario steps lead up a small hill on the side of Pollensa to a chapel on the top and on a clear day you can see as far as Alcudia, 15 km away. Properties for sale in Pollensa, on the Calvario, are not only a wise investment, but the chance to live in a prime location right inside the village, a short walk to the main plaza and an evening drink in your favourite cafe, and yet set apart, up the hill, in a quiet beautiful spot.

Properties for sale in Pollensa, exclusivity and privacy.

Pollensa was just a small village not that long ago, the road to Palma no more than a rough dirt track and the land around it a medley of vegetable plots with a little hut to keep the tools in. Those huts have now been converted into luxury villas with pools and shady terraces, the village is now a bustling town with cafes and restaurants lining the main square and holiday makers flock to its beaches. Yet even the locals still refer to Pollensa as a village, because somehow it has retained its charm and village quality.

At Mallorca Sol Real Estate we have properties for sale in Pollensa of the old kind, in need of a total refurbishment, an opportunity to design your house exactly the way you want, but also properties for sale in Pollensa which have already been remodeled and are ready to go. Either way, we are number one in property sales in Pollensa because we have the most extensive portfolio of properties for sale in Pollensa and offer the best service. 

Why are properties for sale in Pollensa so popular?

Pollensa is possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Founded by the Knights Templar in the thirteenth century, each of the many different cultures that have settled here, Romans, Moors and Phoenicians, then Catalans from the mainland and now northern Europeans, have all left their mark on the town. Pollensa´s Roman Bridge on the edge of town, the Calvario steps, the old Cloisters and even the streets are steeped in a history that speaks of the welcoming spirit of the local people and the fact that everyone that passes through likes it so much they want to stay.

Pollensa properties however are not only for sale in town but all over the surrounding area too, and it is the setting which makes Pollensa unique. Wherever you are, lost down some winding cobbled street, you can see the town´s own little mountain, the Puig Maria, or one of the peaks of the Tramuntana mountain range looming in the distance and the beaches of the Bay of Puerto Pollensa and the coves at Cala San Vicente are a mere 10 minutes´ drive from your door. 

Sol Mallorca Real Estate, market leaders in property sales in Pollensa

We are proud to say we have been in the property market since 1983 and our experience speaks for us. Our expert sales team has extensive knowledge of the area, current trends in the market and a personal interest in matching each property to the right client and finding the perfect property for sale for you.

Pollensa has always been a great place to invest in and has weathered the crisis well, but prices are at an all-time low at the moment and the market is beginning to show signs of awakening, so this is without a doubt a great time to find a good deal in properties for sale in Pollensa.