Top properties for sale in Mallorca

Exclusive dream homes and luxury villas in the north

Properties for sale in Mallorca

Villa for sale in La Font, Pollensa

Whatever kind of property you are looking for, the north of Mallorca probably has it; holiday pads on hilltops looking down over medieval villages, penthouse apartments on the sea front, rambling estates in the countryside or townhouses, fully converted, or yet to be, hidden down the cobbled streets of Pollensa old town. 

And it is here, in Pollensa, and on the coast in Puerto Pollensa where most of the real estate is coming up for sale. Lucky too, because there really esn't anywhere else you would rather be. 

A good investment on a holiday home in the Med

We offer a full selection of properties for sale in Mallorca, townhouses, private villas and country homes, penthouse apartments by the sea, holiday homes in the hills and villas by the beach, great property all over the north of the island to suit all tastes and budgets.

This is your chance to purchase that second home in the Med or buy your dream house and relocate. Hundreds of new, restored and traditional properties for sale in Mallorca are on the market at all-time low prices.

Luxury properties for sale in Mallorca north

The property market is picking up however, and in Mallorca´s northern coastal area property prices never did drop that much anyway. This is the exclusive playground of those in the know. Far from the rowdy, over developed south of the island, the north of Mallorca is prosperous and tranquil, beautifully conserved and blessed with awe inspiring natural scenery, and a friendly, safe atmosphere.

If you want something really exceptional, opt for luxury property for sale in Puerto Pollensa. Finding the right properties for sale in Mallorca can be a daunting prospect, the area is fairly large and varied. Knowing where to look is essential.

Property agents with local know how and expertise

At Sol Mallorca in Puerto Pollensa our portfolio speaks for itself. We have carefully selected the best properties for sale in the area and offer our clients, what we know to be, property deals on gorgeous townhouses and villas for sale in the north of the island of Mallorca.

Not only will you be buying a slice of paradise but making a wise investment too.

Property for sale in Mallorca, especially around Pollensa is guaranteed to grow in value.  Property in the Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa areas, is so highly sought after and endlessly popular, that your investment in Mallorca is safe. 

Mallorca properties for sale, the market is buoyant - Location, location, location!

That´s what they say. Location is the most important factor to consider when buying real estate, and purchasing property for sale in Mallorca is no different.

It´s worth considering where exactly you wish your new home to be.

The north of the island is not only the most exclusive but it is extremely varied too. Jagged mountain cliffs shelter the north from the wilder northern winds creating an even more temperate climate, and the coast offers both vibrant and tranquil resorts.

In the foothills  and luxury residential areas there are exclusive private properties for sale; cliff top modern villas with pools and magnificent sea views, as well as private villas for sale in the beautiful coastal resorts. Traditional Mallorca farmhouses in the countryside offer privacy and seclusion while the town houses in Pollensa are a rare taste of the real Mallorca. 

Visit, view and invest in the north of Mallorca

It's a big decision, and possibly the biggest purcahse you are likely to make. 

Visit us at Sol Mallorca Real Estate for a private consultation and to arrange property viewings.

You may even consider letting a home for a season and getting a taste of the island beforehand.

But if you haven't got the time for temporary moves and want some expert guidance, drop us a call and we will arrange viewings and house visits, and tal you through the buying process, from start to finish.

And best of all; We will find you the best properties for sale in Mallorca!