Pollensa real estate Mallorca

Pollensa real estate on Mallorca's hauntingly beautiful north coast.


Pollensa real estate in Mallorca is possibly one of the most sought after on the island. A far cry from the rowdy southern shores, Pollensa exudes elegance and calm. Surrounded by mountains and a short drive from the sea, the old town is nestled quite literally into the foothills of the Tramuntana, protected from harsh winds and extreme weather and yet, reasonably accessible from the airport and the city of Palma.

Pollensa real estate, Mallorca north.

Pollensa real estate in Mallorca encompasses a wide range and variety of property over a larger area, known locally as zona norte, the northern zone. Administrally this is so, Pollensa town hall administers the Puerto Pollensa, Cala San Vicente and Formentor peninsula, as well as the countryside between. Pollensa real estate is thus not only the sandstone town houses in Pollensa itself, but also the country estates in the hilly countryside near town and the farmhouses, fincas and villas with pools between Pollensa and the port. Pollensa real estate often describes the beach houses and apartments in Port Pollensa too, and the villas and holiday homes in the residential areas around Puerto Pollensa. Hence, Pollensa real estate, Mallorca is almost generic in this area and englobes a wealth of different property types, budgets and locations.

Pollensa real estate, Mallorca, in town.

For practical reasons, property buyers often opt for Pollensa real estate Mallorca in town. The margins are smaller, but less reformation work is needed and the safety and functionality of a town house in Pollensa is far superior.

It depends of course on your reasons for buying Pollensa real estate in Mallorca, whether as an investment or a buy to let, a second home or a move to Mallorca. But if you are not planning to be in Pollensa all year round, Pollensa real estate in Mallorca is far more practical and comfortable in the form of a well built townhouse.

These properties can be easily locked up and left without the need for costly maintenance. They also benefit from lived-in neighbouring houses, which maintain the property dry and cared for. Nosey neighbours also make for great guardians, keeping an eye out for your Pollensa real estate while you are away.

Pollensa real estate Mallorca in La Font.

One of the most delightful areas in Pollens is La Font. Pollensa real estate here was always the most expensive and continues to fetch high prices. It was traditionally the orchard of Pollensa, where the land was most fertile, on the outskirts of the village. Today La Font is Pollensa real estate at its most exclusive. There are other areas with luxury Pollensa real estate in Mallorca north but none at this short distance from town. Pollensa real estate in La Font are properties with gardens and private pools in what is now an exclusive residential area within walking distance to the main square.

Luxury Pollensa real estate Mallorca.

Pollensa real estate and properties further afield, in the Val de March, Val de Colonya and Ternelles require driving but also provide further privacy and exclusivity and more extensive private grounds.

Building regulations on Pollensa real estate have become gradually more and more stringent and it is practically impossible to build new property in the protected land of the Tramuntana, leading between Pollensa and Lluc. Extensive reformations and refurbishments can however convert an old Pollensa country estate into a fabulous modern villa on the inside while retaining its rustic Mallorca charm on the exterior. 

Pollensa real estate in the Mallorca countryside.

On the other side of town, in the rolling landscape of fruit trees between Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa, there is another kind of Pollensa real estate to be found; Mallorca villas with pools, holiday homes of varying sizes, rental villas, rustic farmhouses and vast luxury pads with manicured lawns. Pollensa real estate for sale is readily available in this area, both entirely modernised properties and rustic shells with land in need of renovation. 

Pollensa real estate near Mallorca beaches.

Pollensa real estate in Mallorca's north is never very far from the beach. A short 10 minute drive will land you on the golden shores of Cala San Vicente or Puerto Pollensa and a little further on, in Alcudia.

If you are in the market for Pollensa real estate on the beach or within walking distance then keep Puerto Polllensa in mind and look at properties along the Pine Walk, in Llenaire, Belleresguard and in Puerto Pollensa town itself.

For a more remote feel, try the Cala San Vicente area, which is a tiny holiday resort with small coves and aquamarine water. The most exclusive Pollensa real estate to be found is in Formentor, where the mountains literally meet the sea. Part nature reserve, part exclusive residential area, Formentor properties are the most exclusive private homes in the area.

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