Moving to Mallorca with children

Some things you need to know about moving to Mallorca with children

Moving to Mallorca with children

Mallorca was once the place to come for family holidays and to move to when you retired, but the island is becoming more and more popular with young families looking to relocate somewhere safer and more relaxed and to offer their children a different culture and new lifestyle. People are moving to Mallorca with their children and staying. They are starting a whole new life on the island and it most of them think that it is the best thing they ever did!

Buying property and moving to Mallorca with children

But buying a property in Mallorca and relocating to Mallorca is a big deal. Not something to be taken lightly. You are buying a property abroad and uprooting your children from their home, extended family and school.

However, you are not the first and you are not alone; many have made the move and have lived to tell the tale. In fact many have moved to Mallorca with children and believe it's the best decision they ever made.

Here are a couple of things you need to know about before moving to Mallorca with children, just to be prepared and get it right from the start.

Old and Modern - Moving to Mallorca with children

Mallorca has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. But as the timespan has been so short it has retained a lot of its old traditions and family-centric way of life. And this creates a very attractive setting to bring children up into; a modern and forward thinking place which still has the values of the past. 

Mallorcans tend to have large extended families which do everything together. This can sometimes feel daunting to the new arrival. They won't invite you straight into their homes or show any particular interest in knowing you, but this is not because they have anything against you, it is because they are self-sufficient and a little weary of the large and ever increasing foreign community. Breaking in will require language, patience and good humour

Languages - Moving to Mallorca with children

Moving to Mallorca with children requires you learn not one but two languages!: Catalan and Castellano. This may seem daunting at first, but it needn't be. With a little work and practice, a couple of years down the line you will be speaking good Spanish Castilian with notions of Mallorquin, the local Catalan dialect on the island, while your children navigate seamlessly between three languages.

International Mallorca - Moving to Mallorca with children

The international community is Mallorca is enormous, especially so in the capital, Palma, where you will find a vibrant cosmopolitan set, but also in the villages. Most people moving to Mallorca with children will be looking for good schools and an international English speaking crowd, at least until they get the hang of the language.

If you are moving to Mallorca with children and planning to school them locally, you will be amazed at how quickly they pick up the language or languages to be precise. It will be up to you to keep up! What you will also see is that your children will be openly welcomed and invited along to birthday parties and Saints days right from the start.

Education and schooling - Moving to Mallorca with children

Schools in Mallorca are either local state schools, concertados, which are a combination run partly privately, often by the church and partly under the state, and private, both Spanish and International.

The state and concertado schools teach in Castilian Spanish and in Catalan, the private international schools tend to be English and Spanish.

International schools - Moving to Mallorca with children

There are 7 English Schools in Mallorca: Bellver International College, The Academy, King Richard III College, Baleares International School, British International Kindergarten, Queen's College, The American International School and Escola Global.

2 German Schools: Deutsche Internationale Schule Mallorca and Eurocampus Deutsche Schule Mallorca.

1 Swedish School: The Swedish School in Mallorca.

1 French School: Colegio francés de Palma.

 And all can be found in and around Palma.

A new International English and Spanish speaking school just opened this year in the north of the island called My School is Crestatx, between Sa Pobla and Pollensa.

Working in Spain - Moving to Mallorca with children

Making a living in Mallorca is not always easy. As a small tourist driven holiday island it is seasonal and limited in terms of career possibilities. Working remotely however is an option, as the internet connection is fairly good and flights are regular and inexpensive.

Child-friendly - Moving to Mallorca with children

Mallorca is definitely child-friendly and family-friendly. Moving to Mallorca with children will always benefit the kids; it is safe, they live outdoors, can go to the beach, swim and practice water sports most of the year, they mix with people from all over the world, learn another language and are made to feel welcome everywhere. It is usually more a question of the parents; whether they can work on or from the island, learn the language and integrate sufficiently to make it feel like home.

Health care - Moving to Mallorca with children

On the healthcare front you have a few options, and they will depend largely on your employment situation. If you are working for a Spanish company you will be given a Tarjeta Sanitaria (NHS card equivalent) which will give you, your spouse and your children free healthcare in Spain. 

If you are autónomo (Freelance) and declaring in Spain then you will also get the health card and be covered by all local clinics and state run hospitals.

If you are not working in Spain or would rather get private healthcare, there are a number of private health insurances available. To be absolutely sure that you chose the right provider, check for deals with your bank and ask at the nearest private hospital for which private health insurance companies they work with.

Dentistry is free for all children up to the age of 18 at selected dentists.

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