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As Mallorca real estate specialists, we have just the right local know how and property portfolio to be able to provide you with the house you are looking for. Our select real estate in Mallorca caters to the needs of a diverse clientele and as we specialise in real estate in Mallorca's northern coast, we supply exclusive homes in the most investment-friendly and privileged area on the island.

Are you looking for a property investment, a second residence on the island or a buy to let opportunity in Mallorca real estate?

30 years in the Mallorca real estate business speak for themselves. No one else in the north of Mallorca has been in the real estate market this long and our experience and connections in the Mallorca real estate market mean we have intimate knowledge of the area and a long standing professional relationship with the local mortgage providers, real estate lawyers, builders and property management firms and can provide houses, villas and homes to suit al the different needs of our clients. 

Understanding the Mallorca Real Estate Market - Yes, We Do!

Spanish bureaucracy is well known to be complicated, and most people buying Mallorca real estate will need the help of professionals. In order to make the buying process as seamless as possible, we offer a fully comprehensive and professional service which will take you from your first browse of our property portfolio to moving into your new home. And as we know there are some parts of the process that will require external advice, we will provide you with contacts for all the different real estate professionals working in the area, so you can choose the lawyers, notary etc, that suits you best.

Mallorca Real Estate Investment - Did Mallorca Weather the Storm?

It would seem so. Mallorca´s limited land and strict building laws make Mallorca real estate a luxury commodity and as such, prices have remained relatively high throughout the property crisis. Buying Mallorca real estate has always been a good investment. Year round good weather, safe and easy to reach and a surprisingly varied and protected terrain means that Mallorca is a prime destination regardless of changing fashions and emerging holiday spots. Therefore your Mallorca real estate can be re sold or let as a holiday rental ensuring you get ample returns on your Mallorca real estate investment.