Mallorca property market

Buying property in Mallorca - It´s a lifestyle choice destination

Mallorca property market

Mallorca is a prime property buying location. It boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, 23 golf courses, 25 marinas and due to increased restrictions, European standards in building.

Mallorca property market is looking up!

The Mallorca property market is beginning to look stable, price levels are steadying and the outlook for this coming year is optimistic, Mallorca property prices are no longer dropping.

There has been a marked increase in activity and optimism in Mallorca´s property market, more house viewings and enquiries and sales in some areas have doubled.

Since 2008 when the economic crisis hit Spain hard property owners have been forced to adjust property prices by an average of 15-30% depending on the area.

If you are in the market for a second home in Mallorca or thinking about moving to the island altogether then this is your chance to purchase property at an all time low before prices begin to creep up again and supply tightens.

The island´s limited geographical space and tough building laws combine to create the perfect climate for rising property prices. 

Opportunities are probably as good as they will ever be.

Mallorca property market - You are in good hands

Choosing the right location is key and a thorough understanding of the different areas on the island, the idiosyncrasies of its various corners, varying popularity, climate and accessibility will help you make an informed choice of where to concentrate your house hunting energy.

Enlisting the help of a professional team of estate agents will ensure you do not make expensive mistakes and find the right property in the right location that suits you best.

Mallorca property market - Location

The Tramuntana Mountain range shields the island from more extreme weather from the north giving Mallorca it´s delightful climate, but the villages nestled into its rocky cliffs are cooler and more humid than in the planes. In the foothills of the mountains however you get the perfect balance, mild winters, low rainfall and the benefits of their shade in the scorching summer heat.

In this magical corner in the north of the island you are also never far from the sea, a 10 minute drive will see you to unspoiled coves and golden sandy beaches while Palma city is under an hour´s drive away.

Mallorca´s broad appeal amongst discerning property buyers coupled with local authorities´ ever tightening planning laws and restrictions means that the Mallorca property market has indeed seen prices drop but they have now bottomed.