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We are a specialist real estate agency in Mallorca with one of the most exclusive portfolios of top quality international luxury property for sale in the Puertyo pollensa area. Discover the latest news and listings of luxury property in Mallorca, rural luxury fincas and coastal luxury property in Mallorca and everything about what's going on in the Mallorca luxury property market.

We also offer expert advice on buying and selling luxury property in Mallorca, tips on how to navigate the luxury property market, a guide on tax and legal issues in Spain and our professional help finding you the perfect luxury property in Mallorca.

Luxury property in Mallorca - Our exclusive portfolio in the north of the island.

We have a select portfolio of top luxury property listings in Mallorca; country homes all over the attractive Mallorca countryside, luxury penthouse apartments on the beach in Puerto Pollensa, designer luxury hilltop houses on the coast in Formentor, exclusive villas in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains and luxury property by the sea. We cover the entire range of luxury real estate in the area and we match the home to your particular lifestyle. 

We specialise primarily in the north east of Mallorca in Pollensa, the most idyllic and well preserved corner of the island and Puerto Pollensa, its sister town, on the vast sheltered Bay of Pollensa, Mallorca's most aesthetically beautiful sea views.

Finding luxury property in Mallorca - with a professional helping hand.

From tiny farmhouses to vast stately homes, there is a wealth of luxury property in Mallorca north and finding the right property to suit you, your family and your lifestyle choices is a key element to a successful purchase

At Sol Mallorca real estate we have been matching buyers with their future homes for over 30 years and have a deep understanding of the area, the market and the particular needs and concerns of property buyers.

Our offices are open to the public and you are free to pop in at any time for a chat and a coffee and view our portfolio. Our most exclusive listings however are not always advertised so if you are in the market for the top end, luxury property in Mallorca, please ask to see our non-advertised listings.

The best way to find luxury property in Mallorca.

We are extremely serious about finding the right luxury property in Mallorca to suit each and every one of our clients, but we know the process can be arduous and time consuming. To this end, we often suggest you visit Mallorca personally and rent a property in the area for a week or so, to get a real feeling for the north of Mallorca. This, we feel is often the best way of finding the best luxury property in Mallorca.

Sometimes what you initially thought to be your priorities are not in fact as important, and other needs may arise with the experience of a stay in Mallorca. At Sol Mallorca Real Estate we rent holiday homes all over the north of Mallorca and not only do you get a real sense of life on the island, but you will be well positioned to carry out some extensive research of the area and arrange an intense viewing week. 

There are many kinds of luxury property in Mallorca.

Having said that, luxury property in Mallorca comes in many forms; there is the luxury of the setting and as we all know, location in property is everything!, there is also the luxury of the views, the facilities, the interiors, design, style, area and accessibility. 

What is luxury property in Mallorca to one person is not for another, and so, we ask our potential clients, future buyers and all those interested in purchasing luxury property in Mallorca to meditate on what they are looking for in a property, what they hope for and what their priorities are. This will help us provide you with a better service and ensure we match you to the luxury property in Mallorca which will make you happy and suit your lifestyle.

Thank you for following us and reading our blog on luxury property in Mallorca. 

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