Land for Sale in Pollensa - Mallorca

Build the house of your dreams in Pollensa, Mallorca north

Land for sale in Pollensa, Mallorca

We have a number of plots of land for sale in the north of Mallorca with enough surface area to be able to build sizeable luxury homes in the countryside. There are two plots of land available just outside Pollensa Old Town. One is 14.566 square metres with planning permission for a 300sq.m house and a swimming pool. The second plot of land is 14.133sq.m and needs permission to build, which once obtained would allow for a house of a similar size.

Building a home in Pollensa

Building your own home in Pollensa is a beautiful dream and a potential reality, yet finding a plot to buy in this highly sought after area is no longer that easy. Not least because large enough plots with building permission near the old town are extremely rare and hard to come by, and accordingly, fetch high prices.

The area is becoming increasingly protected and rules on new builds and big reform projects are strict. You can build in certain rural areas if you have enough land and you can refurbish an existing home with the right planning and building permits in place. 

Getting the right permits however is another plunge into the vast and complex Spanish Bureaucratic labyrinth and you are well advised to seek professional guidance and if possible get your real estate agent to manage the process.

Acquiring building permission

Land in Mallorca is divided into rustic and urban land and getting permission to build a home, as well as determining the size, style, height and design of your new build will depend largely on what area your future property lies on.

The more remote and rustic the area the harder your permit will be to get. So while refurbishing a town house is pretty straightforward, building a new house in the country may be more complicated.

Plot with building permission

This is essentially what you will need; a plot with planning permission in place. Then all you will need is to design and build the home of your dreams.

Luckily, we have a plot with a permit and enough land to build a large home with terracing, gardens and a swimming pool.

Mains supply of water and electricity

Getting mains connected to a remote finca can be time consuming and costly, so finding a plot for sale which already has water and electricity is a huge bonus and worth paying extra for.

One of our plots has already got mains supply and this means everything is in place to start construction.

House design in the country

Building a home in the Mallorca countryside carries with it certain obligations, not least aesthetic. Style and size is strongly regulated and new builds are required to resemble old traditional Mallorcan fincas as much as possible.

Houses can be only two storeys high and maximum 8 metres to the highest point on the roof. The style and materials used on the facade are regulated in Mallorca, and cladding the exterior with stone is a must. The roof will also have to be tiled and reclining and porches, terraces and other covered outdoor areas can only be 20% of total build area. Windows must be traditional, at least in style, though aluminium shutters are allowed as long as they look like wood.