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Converting a property into a home - Mallorca interior design, how to do it and where to go

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Have you recently bought a property in Mallorca? Creating a beautiful home in Mallorca is all part of the dream of living on the island and building your new life here.

Whether the property is fully refurbished already or in need of some work, once the building and restoration work is over and your new home in Mallorca is ready, you will want to start thinking about furnishings, colour and layout, in order to make your new home in Mallorca feel as homely and luxurious as you can.

Hire a professional interior designer for your Mallorca home

Exclusive new townhouse in Pollensa  - Reference n.: C2187

You may want to consider hiring an interior design professional; like local top design studio Felip Polar Estudio, who are based in Pollensa old town, offering seemless high end design solutions for private homes on the island.

The benefits to using an interior design studio is their local expertise and the know-how on the best sources of materials and furnishings, commercial accounts with top design shops,etc, knowing what works on the island, what is most needed and what isn't, and most of all, coordinating the whole thing.

Having said this, if you have the time and energy to do this yourself, then designing the interiors of your home can be a hugely rewarding experience.

Interior design in Mallorca - Mediterranean and Cosmopolitan

Modern villa on the frontline of the beach in Alcudia - Reference n.: C2060

While most local designers will draw heavily on the colours and contours of their Mediterranean heritage, the variety of international clients and their varied and discerning tastes have meant that the choice of ideas and products used in homes in Mallorca is nowadays sourced worldwide. Visit any self respecting furniture and interior store on the island and you will be happily surprised to find a cosmopolitan melting pot of furniture design, decor, fabrics and styles.

High quality outdoor furniture that will last

When the good weather comes, there is nowhere better to be than outdoors, and in Mallorca that tends to be a good proportion of the year, so let's start by taking a look at the best outdoor furniture you can get on the island.  

Above, a good example of a seemless divide between the interior and exterior in this villa in Mallorca by Felip Polar Estudio.  

Mallorca enjoys a classic Mediterranean climate of mild winters and long summers. Some years, like last one, we have practically not had a winter at all. It rained heavily in October and temperatures dropped a little in January, but by February the sun was shining most days. This winter on the other hand, has been extremely wet.

Given the exceptional conditions, life on the island is lived mainly outdoors, in the squares and plazas, along the beachfront and in the garden or patio. And creating comfortable outdoor spaces in your home is one of the best investments you can make, not only to your benefit while living there, but to the potential future sale of your house. Buyers take notice of the exteriors, they are often the first glimpse they get of your property, so it is worth while making them exceptional.

Majestic country house located in the valley of Campanet - Reference n.: C1921

Having said this, outdoor furniture needs to withstand extreme weather conditions (snow, wind, rain) and if your home is near the sea, then damp and sea spray too. on top of this, it is going to be used a lot. You will probably be spending more time outside and inside in your home in Pollensa. So only the best quality will last. 

Interior (and exterior) design shops in Pollensa

There are several interior decoration shops in Pollensa old town where you can find all the elements needed to furnish the outdoor spaces of your Pollensa home.

Tot Interiors Pollensa

Sole distributors for Neptune on the island, as well as a myriad of other high end luxury and eclectic UK and European brands.

To see some of their furnishings and design ideas, have a look at this article on a refurb in Pollensa in the prestigious Mi Casa magazine:

Paco Mobles Pollensa

This is one of two original furniture shops in Pollensa. The original owner's sons argued and split ways, creating the two stores: Paco Mobles and Mestre Paco, both located on the roundabout, and were for decades the only suppliers of fine furnishing in this area. Sadly Mestre Paco has now closed. The building, set in a prime location on the Pollensa roundabout is for sale with us, at Sol Mallorca: 


Commercial Premises for sale in Pollensa Reference n.: L1470

Teixits Vicenc - Fabric designers Pollensa

Teixits Vicens is one of only two remaining ikat fabric producers on the island and have now evolved their products to include interior and exterior soft furnishings, home decor and some garden pieces, Their shop is also on the Pollensa roundabout.

Perello Mobles - Furniture Exhibition Store in Pollensa

Lighting by Karman - at Perello Mobles in Pollensa

Perello Mobles is an interiors exhibition space in Pollensa offering a healthy array of top end design brands in lighting, fabrics and furniture for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Worth browsing the shop rather than their webpage.

Bisanyes - Garden shop in Pollensa

Indoor and outdoor plants, flowers and trees, located on the old road between Pollensa and Alcudia. 

Rialto Living

Everyone loves Rialto Living. It is impossible not to. A quick walk around their concept store in Palma with have you teeming with new ideas and inspiration. 

Knox Design Studio

Based in the Poligono in Santa Ponsa, knox do projects and refurbs and have a concept store with exterior furniture displayed outside, so you can see first hand how it looks and more importantly, how it weathers. 


The Consell Market. Every Sunday all year round from eight am. to two pm an expanse of land on the outskirts of town becomes an antique and furniture fair. Browse for unique pieces of furniture, fabrics, crafts, basketware, stoneware, Mallorcan artifacts and unusual decoration items to decorate your home. 

Hardware shops in Pollensa 

For the more bulky furniture, like seating, sun loungers and pareasols, you can pick up most things you need at the local hardware stores. They are standard in quality, and low on design but practical and efficient. 

Plomer - Supply everything from barbeques to light bulbs, paint, butane bottles and solar lamps. It is a one top shop to your every DIY need and they sell garden and pool furniture too. 


SeeTeixits Vicens above for the traditional Ikat fabrics made in Pollensa. There are other local fabric producers on the island. For a more international array, see furniture stores above.


The Mallorcan marés stone (sandstone) can be seen in the facades and arches of every village and townhouse on the island, and makes for beautiful flooring, house fronts and for details within your home. There are stone merchants in Pollensa town: Calizas Bibiloni, as well as the building supply stores, Cuxach, for a wider selection of building supplies.


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