How to sell your house in Pollensa

How to sell your house in Pollensa and add market value to your property

How to sell your house in Pollensa

The 7 things home buyers want and you can do to help sell your house in Pollensa

You are putting your house in Pollensa on the market.

What is going to help sell your house in Pollensa?

What do you need to know about selling property in Pollensa and what are the top features every house buyer is looking for?

What can you do to help sell your house in Pollensa?

There are a few features that will make a huge difference to how you sell your house in Pollensa faster.

You may not want to invest any more money in the property at this stage, especially as you are about to sell it.

However, if you are trying to sell your house in Pollensa and find you aren’t getting many viewings, that isn't much help either.

You will still be making mortgage payments and have ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs, while your house in Pollensa is sitting on the market.

There are a few very small, inexpensive home improvements that can boost the real estate value and help you sell your house in Pollensa. 

These are our top 7 tips on what to do to sell your house in Pollensa

If you want to see multiple bids and lots of offers coming in you may need to consider factoring in a remodelling budget and considering these 7 features that will help sell your house in Pollensa.

1. Put in a swimming pool 

Unless your house in Pollensa is a rooftop apartment or a small town house, most property buyers looking for a house in Pollensa will want a pool.

No matter the size there is nothing like a refreshing dip in a pool in the heat of the day, it looks great in the photos, and should the new owners want to let their home as a summer rental, then a pool is a must.

If your home in Pollensa has the land but not the pool, seriously consider putting one in. It doesn't have to be an enormously expensive job either.

Putting in a swimming pool will set you back about 6,000 Euros but we can guarantee that you will get ample return on your investment

If your house in Pollensa is in town or you have a flat on the coast, consider installing a hot tub or plunge pool on the roof or in the patio.

2. Outdoor lights

The Mallorca lifestyle is as much about living outdoors, in the street, at the pavement cafes and the beach as at home, and if so it is best enjoyed by the pool and in the garden and land around the house.

Lighting the paths and trees, walkway lighting, spotlighting and pool lighting can all bring the exterior to life and make it much more comfortable for outdoor living. 

Now, for buyers viewing the property or browsing through endless catalogues and listings, a house with amazing exterior lighting will stand out. It will enchant them before they have even set foot through the door and it will help you sell your house in Pollensa.

Beyond grabbing the attention of your potential buyers and helping you sell your house in Pollensa faster, exterior lighting just happens to be one of the top features most homebuyers are looking for. 

Exterior lighting makes your home look more beautiful but it also makes your house in Pollensa much safer too. Motion sensors, for example, will turn on automatically when you drive home. It is a small investment with a huge return.

3. Outside areas


As I said above, the outdoor area of your property is an extension of your house in Pollensa, not only because it offers more living space but also because you will be spending large amounts of time there, as will, the future owners of your house in Pollensa.

It is above all else one of the most coveted home features and presenting a well-cared and maintained outdoor area does wonders to the overall image of your home and allows the potential buyers to envisage themselves enjoying it, sipping drinks on the patio, dining on the terrace... 

It is important not to neglect this when planning to sell your house in Pollensa.

Thus, putting some love and care into the outdoor spaces of your house in Pollensa is very important and will go a long way towards helping you sell your house in Pollensa. It needn't be hugely elaborate or expensive, just some TLC, a few choice pieces of garden furniture, a couple of lights and well cared flowers and plants can transform the outside of your house in Pollensa into a magical garden.

4. A laundry room 

A laundry room is possibly the most highly sought after interior feature in any home and if your house doesn't have one, you may want to consider finding room to transform into one before you put it on the market. An enormous percentage of homebuyers say they need an extra space to keep laundry, washing machines and dryers and that they don't necessarily want this in the spare room.

Pollensa homes don't tend to have basements to convert into laundry rooms but what they do often have is a casita, or small outbuilding which can be remodelled quite easily. And townhouses used to have outside loos which can very simply be converted into laundry rooms.

This is going to help you sell your house in Pollensa. 

5. Energy efficiency

Energy efficient fixtures and appliances, well insulated rooms and windows, home that face south and get warmed naturally, are not only features which are beneficial for the environment but they also help you sell your house in Pollensa. A well-built and energy efficient home will go a long way towards convincing a potential Pollensa home buyer to buy your house in Pollensa above all others. 

Make your house in Pollensa an energy efficient home with well insulated interiors, large covered terraces to keep out the sun and heating for the winter months and you have a valuable feature that will help you sell your house in Pollensa. 

6. Parking and storage 

Homes need storage for extra belongings, linen cupboards, parking space for the car, room to keep extra kit, tools, equipment, bicycles, all the stuff you don't necessarily want cluttering your home but things you need and this is something home buyers are looking for too. 

To help you sell your house in Pollensa, consider making some storage space available, or building a covered parking area near the house, this will add enormous appeal to your property and go a long way towards helping you sell your house in Pollensa. 

7. A big family kitchen 

A large kitchen will help you sell your house in Pollensa. If it has lovely views over the garden and outside area, even better. 

A big kitchen may not be what we remember but it is certainly what we all wish we had enjoyed. It is about nostalgia and happy families. It evokes smells of baking and if you are British, muddy boots and hot Agas.

We all remember happy days spent in large, sweet smelling, family kitchens, whether our own or that of friends and we let's face it: this is one of the things we want to recreate in our own homes, for our own children.

Home buyers, particularly those with families or wanting to have a family of their own, are looking for a large kitchen with lots of room. It will also drew on their own nostalgia and make evoke memories, making it easier for them to imagine themselves sitting in your kitchen.

If your house in Pollensa doesn't have a large kitchen, then look at the adjoining walls to see if they are supporting walls or not and whether they can be removed to make room for a larger space.

If they are not supporting walls and if taking a wall away doesn't infringe on inner wall wiring and cabling, then you may be able to create a big happy family kitchen for a marginal cost.