A guide to selling your property in Mallorca


How to sell your Mallorca property & get the best purchase price


A guide to selling your property in Mallorca


Sol Mallorca real estate advice on how to sell your home 


Listen to professional advice


Your real estate agent knows the current market and holds privileged information on the ins and outs of the real estate sector.

Allow the sales team to help you establish a realistic and accurate price that will drive demand and appeal to house buyers in the current market. Their experience gives them a better understanding of the current market climate, which means they can offer you an accurate valuation based on the unique characteristics of your home. When your expectations are too high, it can slow down or completely paralyse the sales process. Our aim is to set the highest possible price while remaining realistic and within the market value. 


Prepare and dress your home to be viewed in the best possible light


First impressions count! Get your house ready for viewings and try to appeal to your target audience and start clearing and de-cluttering. Reports suggest that a house rid of personal belongings is more appealing to potential homebuyers.

Mallorca home buyers usually spend as little as 15 minutes on a property viewing, largely looking for cosmetic defects, and will take a mental snap shot to analyse later. You want them to see your house in the best possible light. This is not to say you have to make any major changes, or embark on a total reformation, but a few small tweaks will go a long way towards making your home look as good as it can... Make sure your property is clean and tidy. It is often a good idea to clear it of overly personal objects, and if necessary give it a fresh coat of paint, in white or neutral tones, which will make it more inviting and add to the sense of space. What property buyers are looking for in Pollensa


Get all your paperwork ready for the sale


It’s vital you have all the necessary documents on hand at the time of sale. The paperwork you need is as follows:




Saves you valuable time 


Anyone interested in buying a property will want to visit it first and the property will usually receive many viewing requests before you find a buyer.

Real estate agents are responsible for arranging property visits with their clients, and can offer more flexible hours, which allows the interested parties greater freedom of choice. In this way sellers do not need to spend all day attending phone calls and organizing appointments. The availability and immediacy to meet the needs of the customer is essential to successfully achieving the sale of a property. Our real estate agents will arrange viewings with potential buyers and accompany them to the house to show them around. They will always contact you in advance to check and ascertain the time and date are suitable and give you ample warning, so you can clear away belongings, etc. In addition, the real estate agent will be able to assuage any doubts the potential buyer may have and guide him/her throughout the buying process.


A highly qualified and professional sales team 


There are many aspects to be taken into account when you sell a property; In general, it is a long and expensive process, with the occasional unexpected obstacle or difficulty along the way, which only a real professional will know how to solve effectively – and this is often the key to a successful sale. Your agent will also deal with legal issues arising from the purchase process and will help you gather all the necessary documentation.

Buying a property is without doubt one of the most important decisions you are likely to make and it can be difficult to take that first step, so working alongside a real estate professional can be a great help. The buyer is much more comfortable and relaxed when represented by a reputed real estate agency. It is worth noting that a foreign buyer won’t be as familiar with the purchase process or the legal aspects of buying a property abroad and will go to the real estate agencies in search of property advice when making a decision of this magnitude.


Real estate market know-how


Real estate agencies are obviously those who know the property market best. Given that one of the main concerns of selling your home is to set the right sales price, counting on the help and advice of a good professional you can trust is essential. Real estate companies hold valuable market information and can differentiate between offer prices and real sale prices. Thorough knowledge and the ability to set a sales price that is in keeping with the reality of the current real estate market is key to a successful sale.

Successful negotiating skills


Not anyone can successfully negotiate a sale. Professional real estate agents do so on a daily basis however, and are adept and accustomed to doing so. They have in-depth knowledge of both the buyer and seller and their negotiating skills and experience are essential to successfully closing a sale.


Access to the right buyer


Real estate agencies have extensive portfolios of national and international clients and investors, providing a wider audience to your property with a wider audience and allowing it to reach a larger range of potential buyers.


A wealth of marketing tools


The real estate market is more demanding every day – Demand is high, but there are also a lot of properties on offer – Real estate agencies work on many channels and with a wide variety of publishing tools and know where and how to advertise a property to attract the largest amount of interested parties. They have their own webpages, they advertise their properties on specialised real estate portals and on social media, they invest in professional photography, etc.


What are the advantages of selling a property exclusively with one real estate agent?


First of all, decide how many agencies you want to use, whether you want to choose one sole agency for an exclusive sale or multiple agencies and widen your range. Giving exclusivity to one sole agency will lend more exclusivity to your property, but in that case you will have to make sure you select the best. Look for the most active agent in the area! Look for homes with sold signs and check who is selling them, or with changing window displays in agency offices, these are clues to who is getting properties sold in the area. 


Homeowners often ignore the real benefits of selling their properties exclusively through one sole agency


Some of these advantages are:









Working with several real estate agencies at once...


"If I work with lots of property agents, I’ll sell my house in less time” – “If my property is advertised in all the real estate agencies it will be much more visible and will sell more quickly”.

We have probably all thought this at some point, but if you really want to sell your home you are making a terrible mistake. Having your property advertised with too many agencies will burn it, which is to say that the potential buyer will see your home listed in so many agency windows that he/she will think there is something wrong with it. Thus it will take longer to sell and potential buyers will dwindle, which can also affect the final selling price.

Therefore, in order to sell your home in a definite period of time for the best possible price we always recommend you get advised by one sole agency (or no more than two) at all times.


Work with only one real estate agency


Commitment and more efficiency


Selling a property requires a huge investment in time, a multitude of viewings, client attention, publicity, effort and above all, knowledge. If you give your property to too many real estate agencies none of them will be interested in investing the amount of time, effort and money needed to showcase your property properly, as they inevitably run the risk of another agency selling it first. 


Quality service


Real estate agencies dedicate more time to properties they have exclusive selling rights to, as these are the ones where there is no sales competition.


Sell at the highest possible price


One of the roles of the property sales professional is to get the best possible sales price; choose a real estate agency you trust so you can make the right decisions. Find out when buyer demand is high. After all you want buyers competing after your property to encourage good offer. Mallorca is extremely seasonal, so consider seasonal demand. When a home has been for sale for a long period of time, buyers tend to get suspicious and begin to question why.


Convey trust to the potential buyer


There will always be someone interested in buying your property, however, you should consider whether it is beneficial to have too many For Sale signs on the front of your house, or to be advertised on all the real estate websites, let alone duplicated on the same property portal, as this will have the opposite effect, generating mistrust and drawing less people to view your property.

Besides, remember that the most important factor to selling your property is the trust and confidence you have in your real estate agent; you should feel confident and at ease with the person who is going to represent and showcase your home.


Why sell your home with Sol Mallorca Real Estate


A guide to selling your property in Mallorca


We offer you experience, time, local knowledge and negotiating skills to ensure you get the best possible price for your house in the least possible time.


Founded in 1983


Our real estate agency was founded in 1983, making us a pioneer of the Mallorca property sector.


35 years of experience in the property market!


35 years which, have established us as one of the best known and most successful real estate agencies in the north of the island. Furthermore, we are dedicated exclusively to buying and selling property.


Exclusive Client Portfolio


We have large portfolio of satisfied clients and thanks to our reputation, our clients now recommend us.


Professional Team


Our team is made up of highly qualified, bilingual professionals, who live in the area and have extensive knowledge of the real estate market, to help and advise you throughout the selling process.


Strategically Located Offices


We have two offices in the north of Mallorca, our first offices in Vía Pollentia, Pollensa old town, and our flagship office on Paseo Saralegui, on the seafront in Port de Pollensa; both exceptionally well located and with a high footfall.


Marketing Strategy


We advertise our property portfolio through various communication channels to guarantee your property is visible and accessible to the largest range of potential buyers. We provide well positioned web pages and advertising in all the most representative portals of the real estate sector. We also have a network of collaborating real estate agents.


Exclusive partners of HAMPTONS INTERNACIONAL in Mallorca


Our association with a globally recognised brand like Hamptons International is good news for our clients, widening the scope of our marketing strength and allowing us to showcase your listing to a broader international audience.


AIPP Members


Sol Mallorca is also a proud member of the Association of International Property Professional (AIPP). Based in London since 2006, AIPP is the trade body for professionals around the world dealing with UK buyers of foreign properties. The AIPP are a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to improve standards of professionalism, helping both industry and the public. Select advice to members is endorsed by UK National Trading Standards.