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Mallorca is a seasonal island. Summer is all on. Winter is closed down, and in between, Spring and Autumn, that cycling and hiking time of year, is short and sweet. But when is best for house viewings?

The weather in Mallorca is also pretty changeable. Surprisingly so. It isn't until you've lived through a full year that you can fully appreaciate quite how much the island changes from season to season.

The Summers in Mallorca are extremely hot. Perfectly pleasant if you're on holiday with nothing more taxing to do than sip margaritas on the terrace, but less so if you are trying to fit in a busy schedule of property viewings. And during the high season the public administration offices often take long holidays too, making it a more lengthy wait to get paperwork in and generally anything done.

Winter is blissful on the island. For those of us who live here all year round it is often our favourite time of year. Perfect for mountain walking and enjoying Palma city, and for catching up with friends. But it is also a quiet time, when many local businesses close. There are always a few restaurants and cafes which remain open in the villages, but few. And many of the shops close too. 

Autumn is short as the summers are long. October can still feel very much like Summer. In November temperatures tend to drop suddenly, plunging the island into winter. And suddenly it gets cold. It isnt a bad time of year to visit properties, as you can get an idea of how the house feels in the cold, but generally speaking, most properties will have spent a few long months warming up and drying out, so wont necessarily give you a clear indication of their real faults.

And then there is Spring. Spring is wonderful, and can feel like it has started in January some years. You may be surprised to see the first almond blossom and the days start to get longer. But it is usually a false start. February can be very chilly and March is still damp and cold.

With Spring the island begins to open up again, with cafes and restaurants in the plazas and government offices open too, this is a bustling time of year, full of energy and purpose. It is also a time of year when visiting properties is more pleasant. The weather is still mild, warm but bearable, and the houses will show their true colours. Where there is damp, you will be able to spot it, or smell it in the air. You will see the effects of the winter on the walls, how the house fares closed up for a few months. And you will have the clear dry weather to be able to dedicate yourself fully to the task of house hunting.

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