After you buy a property in Pollensa.

You bought the house of your dreams, and now... What to do after you buy a property in Pollensa?

After you buy a property in Pollensa

Buying your property in Pollensa has been a long drawn out process involving countless meetings, clauses, shifts, back tracking and headaches. You have visited the island on numerous occasions for house viewings and once you chose the property you wanted to buy in Pollensa, there have been several more trips to the town, to finalise the sale.

But here you are : The proud owner of a fantastic new property in Pollensa, a wonderful investment, a new home and the promise of a lifetime of holidays in the Mediterranean.

So what happen now, after you buy a property in Pollensa?

Moving and relocating after you buy a property in Pollensa.

Will you relocate to Mallorca? Or will you be using your new house as a holiday home, part time or as a second residence?

One way or another you will probably want to move some of your things to your new property in Pollensa.

Local transport companies can organise this for you, transporting a truck load of furniture and personal belongings to the island will make your new property in Pollensa feel a little bit more like home.

Reforming after you buy a property in Pollensa.

After you buy a property in Pollensa there is usually a fair amount of work to be done on the house. Whether small reforms or a total refurb, you will be best hiring a project manager locally. Someone who can make your needs clear, liaise with work teams and oversee the entire process. This may seem like an unnecessary added expense at first, but it isn't. Unless you are on site, you will want someone you can trust to be your eyes and ears.

Workmanship quality varies hugely and you will need to shop around, but high standard materials and professional builders are available. 

Consider waiting a while, and if at all possible, stay in the property before you reform it. This will give you a much better idea as to what should be reformed and what can be salvaged. 

Decorating after you buy a property in Pollensa.

Shipping single items over to Pollensa can be expensive as import costs are added. There are some very good interior design shops in Pollensa however, which can provide high quality British and Scandinavian furniture, as well as state of the art kitchens and bathroom companies. You will also find exciting art work in the local galleries.

What worked in your house at home may not apply so well in Pollensa. The light is different and the climate too. Consider this when bringing things over and look around in town for local handcrafted and designed furniture and appliances.

Settling in after you buy a property in Pollensa.

Life in Pollensa may seem alien to you at first, especially if you have always visited Mallorca in the summer season and you are now suddenly presented with the winter. 

There will be much to get acquainted with, from utility bills to banking times, and ongoing works on your property in Pollensa will keep you busy with builders, electricians, plumbers and technicians of various kinds.

Settling in will be made easier and more fun if you explore the town and surroundings, visit nearby villages and get a sense of the local festivities, market days, and yes, go to Palma often.

Making friends after you buy a property in Pollensa.

Pollensa town and the Port of Pollensa, 6 km away on the coast are the homes of a varied and cosmopolitan community with people from all walks of life. Whatever you were back home however, ceases to be quite as important here and you will soon discover that in a small town people will soon know a fair deal about you.

If you like to keep to yourself I suggest making friends carefully, slowly and honestly. It is hard to un-know people here but you will probably make some the most heartfelt friendships you will ever make!

Learning the language after you buy a property in Pollensa.

Beyond the foreign community there is the local population, some of which you will have met through buying your property in Pollensa, and through any work carried out on the house afterwards. You may have met the bank manager too and a couple of shopkeepers etc.

Your relationship with these people can only evolve so far and at some point you will want to learn to speak Spanish and possibly Catalan. If you are planning on living in Pollensa or spending long periods on the island it may be better to bypass Spanish altogether and learn the local dialect, Mallorquin, first.

Join a class or find a teacher. It isn't too difficult to get an initial sense of the language and learn a couple of phrases just to get by. Take it slowly and go from there. You have plenty of time.

But most importantly you will have begun and the face of your Mallorquin neighbour or the lady who runs the local bakery when you say a Bon dia, ¿Com anam? will make all the effort worthwhile.

Holiday letting after you buy a property in Pollensa.

Most foreign residents prefer to be in residence in spring and autumn. The summer is overly crowded and often unberably hot, and the winter can be lonely and glum. Spring and autumn in Pollensa however are delightful.

If this is the case with you, you will suddenly find yourself in possession of another asset, and a potentially lucrative one too : a property to rent in the summer season. Your local real estate agent can possibly manage the rentals for you and if not, there are many others who will. 

I hope I have covered everything you need to know after you buy property in Pollensa. If you enjoyed the article, please keep reading our blog.