8 Features that will help you sell your home

What property buyers are looking for in Pollensa 


Pollensa home buyers usually spend as little as 15 minutes on a property viewing, largely looking for cosmetic defects, and will take a mental snap shot to analyse later. You want them to see your house in the best possible light. This is not to say you have to make any major changes, or embark on a total reformation, but a few small tweaks will go a long way towards making your home look as good as it can.


8 Features that will help you sell your home in Pollensa


What do home buyers want, and what are they looking for in a home?

What are the features which will catch their attention and convince them that amongst all the houses they've seen, your house is the one they want to buy?


1. Small and Charming Homes


Most people who want to buy a new home, a second residence or a part time holiday pad in Pollensa aren't looking for an enormous property. As fabulous as the sprawling country estates may be, most property buyers are looking for a home away from home, somewhere to escape to, but also, a house that can be easily looked after and locked up at the end of their stay.

A small and charming townhouse, country villa or apartment by the beach can offer all the comforts and luxury of a home in Pollensa without incurring the added expenses of huge utility bills, gardening and maintenance. 

As a buy to let option, smaller properties are also easier to rent, as most holidaymakers will travel as a couple with a few children, and not as a large extended family or several families on holiday together, and therefore are looking for a small and private place to let.


2. Open plan 


One thing the best selling properties in Pollensa all have in common is that they are all designed with spacious, open plan interiors with lots of natural sunlight and high ceilings. Regardless if your house is a flat, luxury penthouse apartments, villa or townhouse, whether its in the countryside or by the beach, or if it is old or new, the open plan option is the most attractive feature in a home and most property buyers will be looking for this.

If your Pollensa property is not open plan and you don't want to start a major renovation, then get an estimate drawn up on the potential costs of doing so. This way potential buyers have the option and can calculate it into their budget.


3. Outdoor space


The mild Mediterranean climate is one of the mains draws to island and possibly the first reason buyers will give to explain why they are investing in Pollensa. Therefore, the new owners of your home will probably want to spend as much time as possible outdoors and as such, will be looking for a beautifully designed and maintained garden or patio with comfortable exterior seating, covered areas, possibly a BBQ and outdoor kitchen, certainly an alfresco dining area, lighting and possibly a pool. Though in reality most people never use their pools, a pool does add considerable value to your home. 

Secure fencing also creates a sense of privacy and makes the garden area of your home more exclusive.


4. Neutral colours


We have all been influenced by the Scandinavian style and ikea has played a significant role as well. Regardless of why however, people have become accoustomed to white sunlit interiors and associate them with luxury and elegance. The typical Mallorcan house is pretty much the opposite to this, with dark wood and small windows designed to keep the light and heat out.

In order to attract more interest, your home will benefit from a thorough whitewash and clear out, with pale tones and light coloured upholstery. You can add colourful touches in the form of scatter cushions or a handmade local throw on the beds, if you wish to liven it up, but as a whole, your house will be more saleable if it is minimalist and neutral in tone.


5. Big friendly family kitchens


As the heart of your home, the kitchen is a place of reunion, and memories, and to the potential home buyer, viewing your house for the first time, he/she will be most likely thinking the smae thing.

Tricks like making fresh coffee or baking bread are great for creating mood, but it is a well designed and airy, sunlit room with masses of storage that will make all the difference. Add a few new shiny appliances too, for good measure.


6. Energy efficiency


An energy efficient home is a rare thing on the island, with most unreformed houses pityfully damp and cold during the winter. If your property is well insulated then you are onto a winner. if it isn't, find out the costs for doing so, your buyers will appreciate it. 

Large terraces add living space, which in summer is great for getting out of the blazing heat, but can also provide a comfortable outdoor seating area in the winter. 

Anything which will save the future owners of your house money will be a big selling point: Energy efficient fixtures and electrical appliances are also hugely beneficial for the environment.


7. Storage 


Homes need storage.

And though the new buyers may be planning to use the house as a second home, a holiday home or even let it out as a summer rental, storage is essential (to put personal belongings away safely when not in residence and to store outdoor furniture in the winter).

Smart storage units, linen closets, walk in wardrobes and outdoor storage in the garage (for work utensils, sunloungers, gardening tools and pool machinery) may not seem like the most glamorous selling point, but it will be one of the things buyers are looking for..


8. The pool


In Pollensa the average home buyer is buying a second residence, retirement or holiday house and will most likely want a swimming pool. They may never use it, they may really dislike swimming, but they will be looking for the full monty: house, pool and garden. A house without a pool on this island is a cupcake without the cherry on the top!

You don't have a pool? Consider having one put in, alternatively find out about planning permissions and costs of putting a pool in, so your potential Pollensa home buyers can work it into their budgets. This can help them see the viability of building their own pool. 

If you do have a pool, dress it up with some sun loungers and a parasol or two.

Set the scene and show your Pollensa home buyers how lovely it could be to sit round your pool sunbathing, sipping iced G&T.