5 tips on how to find the best property in Mallorca

Sol Mallorca Real Estate's five steps to securing the your dream home in Mallorca



Property in Mallorca comes in all shapes and sizes, and in all kinds of areas too.

Where in Mallorca you decide to buy your property and how you choose the best property depends on how well you know the island and how much access you have to the best property in Mallorca. The possibilities are huge and varied and the best property for you is out there, now we need to find it!

Sol Mallorca Real Estate's


5 top tips on the best ways to ensure you make the right choices and find the best property in Mallorca.


1. KNOW your area


Buying a property overseas can feel like jumping blind into a rather cold pool. Not such an enjoyable prospect. So, make sure you know your area well before you take the plunge.

Besides, what is the best property for one buyer will differ hugely from the best property choice for someone else. This is why investing a bit of time into researching the island is wise.

Mallorca is wonderful primarily because it is so diverse, allowing for a large spectrum of very different people to feel equally comfortable and at home, yet what suits one will certainly not suit another.

Do you want to find a property by the sea, or prefer a property in the mountains? Is the best property in Mallorca for you a remote and private country home, a modern apartment with sea views or a holiday villa near the beach, or is walking distance to town more of a priority?

Are you looking for a property in Mallorca with a pool, gardens, terraces, somewhere to invite guests and the entire extended family, or an intimate property, a small town house in the village to spend quiet weekend breaks away?

How you find the best property in Mallorca to suit your lifestyle and character depends hugely on how well you know the area.

Spend some time in the local café or restaurant and soak up the atmosphere.

Rent a car and simply drive around a bit exploring the area, and get a sense of this brand new place you think you may one day live in. You will soon see how different one corner is from the next. Imagine the best property in Mallorca for you and then drive around and look for it. 


2. RENT a property in Mallorca first


Renting a property in Mallorca first is a good idea, preferably for a fortnight out of season, in January say, when the damp kicks in and the almond blossom is out, or if you really don´t care for winter breaks, then try the island in the spring and autumn, enjoy its emptiness and the startling beauty of its countryside on crisp sunny spring days.

There are so many types of villas, let alone property on the island, and restored to different degrees too.

Whether you are looking for a holiday villa to spend a fortnight in the summer, a easy to lock up apartment with great views of the bay or a comfortable house with some land away from it all, it is worth knowing what you are up against.

What may be the best property in Mallorca for a summer holiday home may not be the best property in Mallorca for a winter break and the best property in Mallorca for you will be the one that matches your lifestyle and your needs.

Mallorca out of season is another place altogether and it is a great time for house hunting too. Come over to the island out of season to find the best property in Mallorca, this way you visit when it is at its most authentic and get a real sense of what Mallorca is like.

It also ensures you buy a property somewhere you will enjoy in the winter too. Most estate agents will have a selection of the best property in Mallorca for rent on their books.


3. Get sound PROFESSIONAL advice


Choose someone you can trust to watch your back and show you around, ideally someone local who wins if you win.

A good local estate agent stands to win if they find you the best property in Mallorca and will be able to offer you knowledgeable advice on the administrative, legal and financial process. From house hunting and viewings to negotiating a good deal, making an offer and the final handing over of keys, it is essential you have a professional estate agent  to help you find and keep the best property in Mallorca.

The red tape involved in purchasing a property in Mallorca can be daunting to the local resident, but if you are new to this, the prospect of wading through the bureaucratic, legal and fiscal paperwork and lengthy and confusing process is downright impossible. It is imperative you have someone you can rely on to ensure you are not scammed and cheated, you get the best possible deal and that you not only find but buy the best property in Mallorca.


4. Hire an English-speaking GESTOR


Paper work required here to do the simplest thing is a long winded and frustrating affair and to ease the pressure you will need a Gestor. A gestor is an administrative advisor and living in Spain you need help with administration, from the moment that first indecipherable letter arrives in the post telling you your car has been towed because its market day! If you are going to find the best property in Mallorca to buy then make sure you know how to make it legal.


5. Follow your INTUITION


At the end of the day there is only one person who knows what the best property in Mallorca is and how to find it, you! And as such the best tip is to follow your intuition. After all you are the one looking to buy a property and you will be the one to live in it or visit it and ultimately it has to suit you and your family.

The best tip for how to find the best property in Mallorca is to go for the property which feels right to you.