5 MORE good reasons to buy a house and live in Pollensa

Will it make me happy if I buy a house and live in Pollensa?

10 more good reasons to buy and live in Pollensa

Top FIVE pros to buying, moving and living in Pollensa, Mallorca

1. Happiness

Happiness is as much about the way you look at things as it is about how they actually are. 

How we personally synthesize happiness is down to every one of us.

However, in terms of happiness, there are obviously some things which are easier to feel happy about than others, and some places where it is easier to be happy.

Pollensa is one of those places; a happy choice of residence. And if you don't know the area, I would like to give you a few good reasons why I think to buy a house and move to town is such a great idea.

2. Buyer's market

A Spanish University (Navarra Business School) report, commissioned by Barclays Bank, back in 2006, found that a surprisingly high number of British people, 65% to be exact, would happily buy real estate in Spain as their first choice, and over 38% said it was their only choice.

Not only are these figures from a time when the property market had crashed and buying in Spain posed a certain risk, but a large swathe of that 65% of potential British homebuyers would have been talking about the Balearics, particularly Mallorca, and very possibly Pollensa.

Let's look at why :

Moving to the island and investing in a property in Pollensa and actually is a big deal.

But you are not alone.

Not only have many thousands of people before you done exactly that and lived to tell the tale. But they are happy with their decision and there to help you along the way.

Expert advice is available too, and that is what makes buying a house in Pollensa such a good idea; there is a highly professional network of real estate agents, property lawyers, architects, surveyors and financial advisors on hand to take you through the buying process and ensure you get the best deal, for the best price and in the most simple and thorough manner possible.

3. Healthy outdoor living

Most people buying a house in Pollensa don't move to town permanently, but spend longer holidays on the island, visit out of season and generally get the best of two worlds.

Whether you buy property to relocate, to let, for family holidays or to retire, you will innevitably start spending longer and longer periods in Pollensa, everyone always does. And when you do, you begin to notice the marvellous effects this can have on your health.

Part of the reason is the lifestyle which happens mostly outdoors. Once you start spending more time outside, you get more sunlight, you are more active and you breathe the pure mountain and sea air, eat delicious local produce and sleep better.

Spending more time outdoors has the added benefit that you are more likely to meet new people and gain a lively social group and find new friends. Pavement cafes and open air plazas are particularly condusive to doing so and many a great friendship has sprung over coffee in Pollensa's main square.

4. Sunshine

We all want the sunshine.

It is the 300 days of sunshine a year, the 22º average temperatures, the short, warm, dry winters and the balmy nights in summer after a scorching hot day. Weather does affect us and the sun boosts our mood.

For the summer tourist who spends most of their one week holiday acclimatising to the heat, the high temperatures require some getting used to and are not always as comfotable as they would have thought, but for the locals and foreign residents, sunshine is expected and taken largely for granted. 

When you buy and live in Pollensa you get used to clear blue skies and sunny days all year round.

Pollensa's mild Mediterranean climate means you get to enjoy Spring by March before the season begins, a full summer of staggering heat and by the end of September the sheer bliss of a calmer and delightful Autumn which will often stretch on until mid-November.

5. Nature

There is something magical about Pollensa, a combination of the peculiar light and unbeliavable location and the extreme lansdcape of mountains and sea.

The Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range stretches from Port Andratx in the SE all the way up the coast to Pollensa in the NW and provides the scenic backdrop which gives the area its character.

South of Pollensa there is the central plain which makes up much of the island with century old vineyards and tiny sleepy villages.

And on the coast, 6 km from the old town you have the port, marina and resort of Port de Pollensa, with long golden beaches and furtehr north, the tiny rocky coves of Cala Sant Vicenc.

The entire area is a bird watching paradise, with protected nature reserves, wetlands and breeding grounds on the flight paths of migratory birds. It is also a popular cycling destination and training ground, rich in mountain routes.