My 5 favourite places to eat in N Mallorca

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My 5 favourite places to eat in the north of Mallorca


Living in Mallorca is delightful in a number of ways, not least because you can finally eat well without much of a fuss. And I don't mean fast food, take-aways or ready-made dishes either, I am talking about how easy it is to get hold of high quality food. There are weekly farmer's markets in every village and town, local butchers and fishmongers, delis, bakeries and wineries. Though most of us will use the supermarkets occasionally, there are small local businesses on every corner and Mallorca products are gaining kudos and popularity.

What I really love is eating out in Mallorca, whether it's breakfast in a sunny square, lunch under the shade of pine trees or sitting on the bay, outdoor dining is very much a part of the island lifestyle here and in my view, one of its biggest joys.

Choosing just 5 places to eat out in the north of Mallorca is almost impossible, there are hundreds of eateries, from high end Michelin starred to tiny and traditional, on the seafront, in the plazas, on the hilltops and on the beaches. It is so subjective and moment dependent and we all love different restaurants for different reasons.

I have selected these 5 because they are unique in some way and consistently excellent. They offer an experience in eating that you cannot find elsewhere.


My favourite places to eat Paella


My 5 favourite places to eat in the north of Mallorca

La Fonda in Pollensa


Pollensa’s back streets are cobbled and shady on a midsummer afternoon. Step out into the square and the glare is intense, so you nip back down the next alleyway. This is the so-called village old town, part medieval, part 60’s refurb and now a real estate dream come true, with hundreds of the old townhouses being bought, reformed and turned into luxury homes and holiday lets.

One street back from the plaza is La Fonda, one of the town’s original restaurants, always immaculate; the food is consistently great and the atmosphere is elegant in a low-key kind of way. I have been to La Fonda many times over the years, with friends, clients and extended visiting family… and everyone has always been impressed. Run by husband and wife team Juan and Araceli, this is as close as you get to high quality traditional Mallorquin cuisine.

Inside La Fonda exudes style and elegance, but it is outdoors where you will enjoy it most, with tables scattered across the narrow streets, romantically candle lit, it is the perfect spot to soak up the atmosphere without being in the midst of it all.


My favourite places to eat Pizza


My 5 favourite places to eat in the north of Mallorca

Restaurante La Trencadora in Pollensa


Italian run with a wooden oven and fresh organic products from a local Pollensa farm, La Trencadora is one of those places that never fails. And their pizzas are possibly the best I have ever tasted. This is obviously just my opinion, you will have to go and check for yourself. They do serve all kinds of other dishes too; delicious pasta, lamb, salads, desserts to die for. And the setting helps of course, because aside from the building, which is a beautifully reformed almond mill in the middle of Pollensa, the restaurant has the only walled garden you can eat in, in town.

On summer evenings you are advised to book a table well in advance, as it's the property of German superstar Peter Maffay and as such is a little bit famous too.


My favourite places to eat Seafood


My 5 favourite places to eat in the north of Mallorca

The Wine Side in Port d'Alcudia 


Opened just a few years ago in Port d'Alcudia, one row up to the beach, The Wine Side is a small family run gastro-bar specialising in fresh seafood and fine wines. Toni, the handsome owner, runs the place with his mother and a medley of chefs and waiters in what is a laid back and trendy corner eatery with some of the most delicious dishes you are likely to come across in the north of the island. Originally created as a tapas bar, Toni soon discovered that the freshest catch varied so much from week to week that a set menu was limiting, so the concept evolved into a carte du jour or weekly menu serving fish and seafood from the Bay of Alcudia, 0km local happy meat, a raw food selection and sushi.

They don't serve first and second courses as such, the dishes are large and designed to be shared in the best Mediterranean style; great food by the sea with friends and loved ones.


My favourite places to eat Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine 


5 favourite places to eat in Mallorca

Restaurant Bellaverde in Port de Pollensa


The Bellaverde is the brainchild of German chef Svenja Gallè, and the only vegetarian restaurant you will find on this side of the island. Originally the cafe of the Bellavista hostal, the restaurant building is a small bungalow in an enclosed garden full of fruit trees, off the streets of the bustling port and marina, a veritable and delightful haven of tranquillity and peace. I personally go there often, just for a coffee on the swinging wicker chairs and a moment of calm in their beautiful and shaded secret garden.

The dishes are eclectic and exquisite, rare combinations of the best local produce, like the Mallorquín truffle, with an innovative and unexpected twist. My favourite however is their breakfast menu, which is a bonanza of health and flavour, beautifully presented and served from 8 am until a very civilised 11:30 am, followed by lunch, and then dinner until 11 pm. It is closed on Mondays. 


My favourite places to eat on the Seafront


My 5 favourite places to eat in the north of Mallorca

Stay Restaurant in Port de Pollensa


Not that this is all they do at Restaurante Stay, nor why it is so well loved, but it is the light midday menu I like the best. They have an extensive menu a la carte, a set daily menu, they serve tapas and all kinds of unbelievable dishes, cocktails, drinks, champagne. But what makes the midday snacks so appealing is that they are fresh and healthy, which can sometimes be all you really want on a scorching summer's day. 

Housed alongside the old marina by the docks and on the water's edge, Stay is somewhere you go for a morning coffee and find you are still sitting there late into the afternoon. The setting is magical, as close as you can eat to the sea in the entire north of the island and consistently excellent in quality.

This is where you take important clients, or the in-laws. If you want to impress in a effortless kind of way, then go to Stay.