Luxury real estate in Mallorca

Mallorca Exclusive homes and Luxury Real Estate in the North

Mallorca has long been the playground of the rich and famous and a haven for the exclusive international community. Luxury real estate in Mallorca is a highly sought after commodity.

Luxury real estate in Mallorca

We specialise in providing luxury villas and high end real estate in the north of the island. 

The island has much to recommend it after all and provides a wealth of luxury real estate. Superb luxury homes in Mallorca's most delightful locations provide delectable and relaxing breaks on the island. 

In the country side and up high in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains, there are majestic country homes and exclusive private estates for sale, while perched on the cliff tops, modern mansions look out to sea. Frontline penthouse apartments along the beach and stunning luxury town houses hidden down the winding village streets offer a select choice of luxury real estate and beautiful homes in Mallorca.

Mallorca provides excellence, charm and culture in a small Mediterranean parcel, with a solid infrastructure, fine weather and stunning natural landscape, a short haul flight from most major European cities.

Luxury Golf and Yachting in Mallorca.

Buying luxury real estate in Mallorca is entirely dependent on the area you choose to invest in and selecting the right property will assure your time spent on the island is as delightful as it ought to be. There are 18 golf courses including Son Gual Golf Club near Palma, ranked within the top 100 golf courses in Continental Europe and 30 marinas, ports and yacht clubs all round the coast. Affluent investors and luxury real estate owners with boats favour Mallorca for its world class yacht clubs while the Copa del Rey Regatta has been drawing yachtsman and sailing enthusiasts to the island or over 3 decades.   

Safety and Security in Mallorca - Luxury Real Estate.

Luxury real estate in Mallorca comes with certain concerns of course, and safety measures are important. The Spanish Royal family spends their summers here, bringing with it certain sophistication yet also ensuring security is at an all time high and crime levels on the island kept extremely low.

Being an island, Mallorca is also fairly easy to police and security is taken extremely seriously. Having said that, Mallorca has remained hospitable and relaxed with neighbours regularly keeping an eye out for you and your property. Luxury real estate in Mallorca is all the more luxurious because the island is such a safe place to be.

Investing in Luxury Real Estate in Mallorca.

In the north of Mallorca, luxury real estate continues to be in high demand, making it an excellent investment. Property values dropped elsewhere but in this most unique area, Mallorca's luxury property prices remain high. 

Owning luxury real estate in Mallorca comes with certain responsibilities and the maintenance and upkeep of a fine property entails certain costs. 

Local maintenance and property management service providers can take the edge off by looking after your home while you are away, and preparing your property in time for your next visit. Refurbishment, building and furnishing can also be managed by experienced project managers on the island.

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