Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

Why everyone is investing in retirement property in Pollensa, Mallorca

Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

Take your time and make the right decision : Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

Sol Mallorca Real Estate offers a select portfolio of properties for sale in the Pollensa area, sound investment opportunities and the possibility of enjoying a comfortable retirement abroad.

Step one will necessarily involve choosing the right property agent.

Investing in retirement property in Pollensa and moving to Mallorca is going to be a lot easier and enjoyable, if you have the help of expert local knowledge and real estate market experience. 

Step two is investing in retirement property in the right area. The right area for you, that is.

Mallorca is a small island, yet its size can be deceptive and it can vary hugely in a matter of kilometers.

A house in Majorca is one thing, investing in retirement property in Pollensa, on the exclusive north coast of the island, is something altogether different.

Our reasons for investing in retirement property in Pollensa

As a foreign retirement bolt, for those in their prosperous 50s and 60s, Mallorca ticks all the boxes. 

For a start this is Spain, and so you aren’t far from friends and family. In fact, you may find that the allure of a holiday in the Med may see more of your loved ones flying over to visit than they did when you were just down the road.

Then there is the lower cost of living, less tax and now that the housing market has finally bottomed out, a propitious climate for investing in retirement property in Pollensa.

1. Making your money go further - Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

Investing in retirement property in Pollensa can be the cleverest and luckiest move you ever make.

Life in Pollensa is slow paced and easy going, perfect for a retirement lifestyle that is spent mostly outdoors and enjoyed in the sunny plazas and family friendly restaurants in town. Pollensa is also well connected, both to neighbouring villages, the coast, Palma and the outside world. 

Just because Pollensa is a wonderful place to enjoy your retirement however, doesn't necessarily mean a lower cost of living

It isn't that living and investing in retirement property in Pollensa is cheap, because nowhere in Mallorca is cheap.

It is one of the most expensive areas in Spain.

And one of the best places to live as well!

But, it does have a lower cost of living than the UK and the north of Europe and a multitude of financial benefits from cheap travel costs to food and eating out, and everything from utility bills to taxes, once you get your head round them, makes investing in property and moving your retirement to Pollensa one of the best investments you can make!

2. Mediterranean climate - Invest in retirement property in Pollensa

Climate is often one of the deciding factors for choosing to invest in retirement property in Pollensa

After all, not only is it warm and sunny all the time, which is good for your health but you save on heating too, right?

Well, yes.

It gets really hot in the summer, while spring is delightful and starts as early as March and autumn stretches on until November. 

Don't be fooled by summer holiday weather though, investing in retirement property in Pollensa and living on the island all year round can be a very different experience. 

If you have only visited Pollensa in the high season, do test drive the winter before you invest in retirement property in Pollensa.

Consider Insulating your home!

For those of us who live here all year round, the cooler winter months are a welcome respite from the heat and a time of tranquility. 

Though most foreign residents come to love being here out of season, and enjoy the winter months often more than the summer, property in Pollensa can be damp and cold.

If you are considering investing in retirement property in Pollensa and staying on the island on a year round basis, insulating and heating your house, if only for the 2-3 months of winter will go a long way towards making the experience more enjoyable.

For most of the year, you will enjoy a temperate and sunny climate with long daylight hours and living in your retirement property in Pollensa will be a veritable delight.

Just for a couple of months, between late November and February, it can get cold. Conditioning your new retirement property in Pollensa against damp and cold will provide you with a comfortable retirement in Pollensa all year round.

3. Short direct flights to Mallorca - Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

Your retirement property in Pollensa needn't be your full time residence of course

The combination of an extremely well connected international airport, low cost airlines and short regular flights for most of the year makes it easy to spend part of your time in Pollensa and part away.

A short haul flight means you won't have to contend with jet lag either.

But what it really means is that you are never far from your family.

But, will the grandchildren visit? 

Pollensa is a great place to visit, and your family, provided you get on, will be more than happy to spend their holidays with you at your new retirement property in Pollensa. 

Downsizing - Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

We advise you invest in a retirement property in Pollensa to fit you, not your entire extended family. Buying a huge house in the eventuality you will be getting masses of visits from the family can leave you with a very large property with no one in it.

This is your retirement in Pollensa, so invest in retirement property for you and your spouse.

That is not to say you won't need a spare room or two, but avoid doing as so many have done before; buying a huge retirement property in Pollensa.

You invest in a house to fit legions of grandchildren and their friends, only to find that the kids grow up and start to travel elsewhere, and you are left with vast empty rooms you don't need.

4. Mallorca holiday lettings - Investing in retirement property in Pollensa

Following years of real estate crisis, Spain is recovering.

Mallorca has always been a little different and Pollensa is in a league of its own. We felt the property crash here too of course, but never as dramatically as they did on the mainland, and house prices and sales on retirement property in Pollensa remained relatively stable

The question is :

Can you afford to retire to Pollensa all year round?

Will you rent your property out as a holiday home?

Purchasing a retirement property in Pollensa can be a great investment, provided you buy the right home in the best part of the island to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Prices have reached their lowest levels now and can only go up. The market is healthy and buoyant and there will always be a demand for holidays in Pollensa.

If you prefer to invest in a large family home for extended family visits and inheritance for the kids, or alternatively live only part time on the island, then seasonal holiday rentals can be a fantastic little earner

The holiday lettings market is particularly prosperous and renting your new retirement property in Pollensa when you are away can help fund your retirement in Mallorca. 

Deciding to take the plunge and investing in retirement property in Pollensa means you can always let your house as a holiday home for a month or two.

There are other good reasons for investing in retirement property in Pollensa and moving to Mallorca

SAFETY : Pollensa is safe and relatively crime free. You can't quite leave your front door open anymore, but you can be certain your neighbours will provide good security by keeping an eye out for you, and will generally prove to be friendly and sociable. Crime is limited mainly to private affairs and petty theft and the local police are helpful and mostly bored.

SOCIAL LIFE : There is also a strong foreign presence in the Pollensa area and many have bought retirement property in Pollensa before you. This is a well trodden path and you will soon meet the international resident community, hear about their experiences and find out more about living and retiring in Pollensa. 

HEALTH : National healthcare in Mallorca is good and there are several state hospitals as well as a good selection of private hospitals, clinics and specialist health centres. You can transfer for healthcare to Spain or get private health insurance, at a margin of north European rates.

And talking about health, Pollensa has clean air and lots of sunshine. The air comes straight off the sea in clean, clear gusts. The only time you will smell exhaust fumes is at the petrol station. And Pollensa is beautiful, a small, medieval town surrounded by a countryside of olive and almond trees, with high mountains and gorgeous beaches in the middle of the Mediterranean.

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