What do Mallorca home buyers want?

8 Important features every Mallorca home buyer wants in a house.

What do Mallorca home buyers want, what are they looking for and what are the features which will convince any potential property buyer that your house is the one they want to buy?

What do Mallorca home buyers want

1. Open plan - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

Spacious open plan homes with high ceilings and seamless interiors and exteriors are essentially what most Mallorca home buyers want regardless of style, age of property or location. Restored old farmhouses, town houses or modern penthouse apartments which fetch the highest selling prices all have this in common. 

If you are not willing or able to take out a couple of interior walls, then research the potential costs of doing so and inform your Mallorca home buyers or the expense and possiblity of turning the property into an open plan home.

2. Small and beautiful - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

Mallorca home buyers want a property to spend their holidays in, but most home buyers are not looking for enormously large real estate. Costs spiral on huge properties with high gardening needs and expensive utility bills and will ofetn require year round maintenance to keep the house dry in winter and well looked after. 

Smaller homes offer all the comforts of a home away from home without the large expense of maintenance and are also often easier to let as most families renting holiday homes in Mallorca want to travel alone and not with other families.

3. Outdoor space - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

This is particularly relevant to what Mallorca home buyers want thanks to the spectacularly good year round Mediterranean climate on the island and the real possibility of spending most of the time outdoors. Mallorca home buyers are looking for comfortable outdoor seating areas, often with outdoor cooking facilities, if not an actual kitchen, then at the very least a barbeque, and ample room around the garden and pool for lounging, sunbathing and eating outdoors. 

A garden with a secure perimeter also works on a security level, creating a more private and exclusive outdoor area for your home. 

4. Neutral colours - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

Mallorca home buyers want to imagine themselves living in the house, so try to keep the decor neutral. Neutral tones are also very much in fashion at the moemnt so most people will associate the pale tones of your furniture, walls and upholstery with a certain degree of elegance and will value the property more because of it. 

If neutral tones are really not your thing, then throw a couple of brightly coloured scatter cushions on the sofa, or a beautiful hand made throw on the beds. This will liven your home up without falling into gawdy.

5. Modern kitchens - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

Countertops, lighting, cabinets and appliances make a kitchen, and more so if they are state of the art, set in a well designed space with plenty of storage and natural light. 

This is the heart of every home and the Mallorca home buyer will be envisiging all kinds of happy family reunions and days spent in this room so make it as welcoming and attractive as you can.

Brew some coffee or even bake some bread to set the scene and invest in a couple of shiny new modern appliances

6. Energy efficiency - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

An energy efficient home with well insulated interiors, large covered terraces to keep out the sun and heating for the winter months are a valued asset and will help convince potential Mallorca home buyers that this is the property they want to buy. 

Energy efficient fixtures and appliances are not only beneficial for the environment but go a long way towards convincing a potential Mallorca home buyer to opt for your property above all others. 

7. Lots of Storage - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

Homes need storage and a Mallorca home buyer may be in all likelihood planning to use the house as a second home, a holiday home or even let it out as a summer rental. All this points towards a need for storage space to put personal belongings away safely when not in residence and to store outdoor furniture in the winter.

Linen closets and smart storage units, walk in wardrobes and even outdoor storage in a garage, for work utensils, gardening tools and pool machinery is an added bonus that will convince most Mallorca home buyers.

8. Swimming pool - What do Mallorca home buyers want?

This may not apply to home buyers elsewhere, but in Mallorca home buyers are looking for the whole package; house, pool and garden.

If your Mallorca home does not have a pool, consider putting one in, or alternatively get informed about the planning permissions and costs putting a pool in would entail, so your potential Mallorca home buyers can work it into their budgets. This will help them see the viability of building their own pool. 

If you do have a pool, consider reforming it, or at the very least dress it up a bit with some sun loungers and a parasol or two. Above all, set a scene that shows Mallorca home buyers how lovely it would be to sit round your pool sunbathing, sipping a strawberry daiquiri.

A word on dressing your home - What do Mallorca home buyers want? 

Home staging or dressing, as it's sometimes called, is not just a gimmick as you may think, but a useful tool used by top selling property agents the world over and a little help to make your Mallorca home more appealing to potential buyers on tight viewing schedules. 

Mallorca home buyers will often spend as little as 15 minutes wandering through your property, eyeing cosmetic defects, making a mental picture to take home and analyze later. You want them to see your Mallorca home in the best possible light. This doesn't mean you have to give your house a total makeover, but a few small alterations can go a long way towards making your Mallorca home look as good as you can.

Staying one step ahead of latest trends is a good start. This way you are showing Mallorca home buyers the things they want to see in a property, highlighting its best features and giving them an idea of what it will be like to live in your house.