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Sol Mallorca Real Estate, based in Pollensa, a top property sales company in Mallorca. We have been selling commercial, landholding and residential property in Mallorca since 1983 and as such have gained a solid reputation in the area.



Because we are THE BEST local property sales company!

Buying and selling property in Mallorca is an important decision, especially if you don´t actually live here. It can be daunting and stressful and thoroughly complicated. To ease the way through the language barriers, confusing paperwork and sheer amount of options, you will need a reputable property sales company at hand that you can trust and rely on.

At Sol Mallorca Real Estate, we are not only the best property sales company in the area, but we are local too. The local character, the way the houses have been built for generations, the manner in which local property owners wish to be treated and the general ritual of property changing hands on this island follows certain patterns which we understand well. Mallorca not just a good place to set up a property sales company, but it is our home, and we know every corner of it. Local property owners trust us with their best properties and are willing to make good deals if they are working with us.

Our professional property sales team speaks English.

Our sales team is made up of fully trained professionals, fluent English speakers and highly knowledgeable of the area and current market trends. They are well equipped to deal with all kinds of property sales in Mallorca. We take great pride in our understanding of the property sales market and have extensive knowledge of all the properties on our books and so, we can advise potential buyers with the confidence that we will be matching each home with their most suited new owner.

Property Sales in Mallorca, a land of contrasts. 

The island, though small is varied and diverse, and the property for sale in Mallorca is a reflection of this. It can be daunting at first because the possibilities are so many, the changes in terrain so extreme and the offer so vast. But this is also the challenge and the fun of it. You know that the perfect property is out there and our mission is to find it. As a top property sales company in Mallorca, we at Sol Mallorca Real Estate make it our business to stay at the forefront of all new changes in the market, so we can advise you well and dig out that one ideal spot for you

Check our extensive property sales portfolio.

Maybe you are in the market for a little place in the sun, a home away from home somewhere warm, or perhaps you are thinking of moving altogether, a change of lifestyle. At Sol Mallorca Real Estate we have full and varied portfolio which promises to cater for everyone. From the small sandstone town house to the rambling country home, apartments, penthouses and villas perched on cliffs, the variety is vast for such a little place and you will be amazed at what is on offer on our property sales books

Apart from residential properties, at Sol Mallorca we have extensive experience of all sectors of the property sales market and can also offer new homes, refurbishments, farms and land development, commercial and licensed premises, and property management services. We advise builders and monitor market development and will keep you informed and up to date on market trends in the property sales world so you are best placed to make your move a the right time.