Properties in Puerto Pollensa to buy and let as a holiday home

What makes Puerto Pollensa so special? 

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It could be the magical coast line with its sentinel pine trees along the beuatiful Pine Walk, or the marina in the middle, with fishing boats bobbing alongside super yachts, or the cafes and restaurants that line the front, by the sea, serving fresh seafood on large platters and ice cold drinks into the night.

It could be the light that seems to charm the town all year round. While other parts of the island may seem sometimes foggy or hazy with the heat or the damp, Puerto Pollensa seems to shine.

It could be the sunshine. The blazing heat of Summertime, and the warmth of end of Summer. The fresh promise of Spring. There is a winter here too, though Autumn and Spring almost fuse, keeping the cold out. 

It could be the people, friendly and welcoming but proud - sharing their home but saving their own culture and language for themselves.  

Buying a holiday pad in Puerto Pollensa


 REF: A2101 - Luxury new building project in Puerto Pollensa


You come to Puerto Pollensa on holiday and fall in love.

You won't be the first, and certainly not the last.

You stay a week, or more. Then you come back the following year. And one day you count back and realise you have visited 8 times in the last 6 years. And once you have calculated what that means in hotel rooms, you begin to think about buying a house here, in Puerto Pollensa. A holiday house. Somewhere to come and stay whenever you like. 

Property in Puerto Pollensa comes in various shapes and sizes and in three distinct categories: Townhouse, apartment and villa. And given its geography; namely that of a small town spread along a large bay on an otherwise rocky coastline with two very distinct peninsulas - Formentor and Alcudia - one on either side, the size of the coastline, the town and the outlying countrysde is limited, and hence valuable.

Apartments for sale in Puerto Pollensa


REF: A1476 - Apartment with terrace for sale in Puerto Pollensa


As the town of Puerto Pollensa is fairly young, most buildings are under 100 years old, with many of the newer blocks of flats built in the 60s and 70s and then either reformed and modernised, or awaiting reformation. As you can imagine, buying an unreformed flat will require a fair amount of building work, but on the whole, the investment and effort pays off. 

If you can find an apartment along the front with sea views, then your investment is secure, as here building planning laws are restrictive, ensuring there will be very few new building works along the coastline and what is there already will only increase in value.

Townhouses for Sale in Puerto Pollensa 


REF: C2094 - Grand hilltop luxury home in El Vila, Puerto Pollensa


Townhouses are more often associated with Pollensa old town and the villages in the interior, but the Port of Pollensa does have townhouses, some along the Pine Walk are grandiose old mansions looking onto the Bay, like the one pictured above, others are near the squares and in town. If you cannot find what you are looking for in Puerto Pollensa, then you may like to try in Pollensa old town, where there are properties to reform, and a wealth of already reformed houses, comfortably ready for moving into.

Flats with Community Pools for Sale in Puerto Pollensa


REF: A2096 - Modern ground floor apartment in Puerto Pollensa


Chalets and flats in gated residential areas with nice outdoor gardens and pools are the most coveted of all - both as holiday homes and as buy to rent investments. And thanks to some clever town planning, the port has quite a few options on the outskirts of town, from the oldest complexes like Siller and el Vila, seaside resort areas like Llenaire and the upscale modernity of Belleresguard, there are hilltop penthouses with commanding views, high security housing areas on the hills and near the sea.

Villas for Sale in Puerto Pollensa


REF: C1014 - Villa with sea views in Gotmar, Puerto Pollensa


Villas like the one pictured above, in Celgotmar, Puerto Pollensa's exclusive high ground, command panoramic views over the Bay and offer luxury living within easy walking distance to town. For more remote villas, there are properties scattered all over the countryside in the valley between Puerto Pollensa, Pollensa and Alcudia, with more land and privacy.