Pollensa Luxury Real Estate

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate and Property for Sale in Mallorca

Pollensa luxury real estate

A word on luxury. Mallorca is a luxury in itself. It is a small island set in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast from Spain, with 3 nearby islands all of which are stunning in their own particular way. It has a generous temperate climate with long hot summers and very short winters with crisp clear days. It is a land of contrasts in a multitude of ways, with extreme variations in terrain; high mountains, rolling flats, pine forests, golden beaches and miles of coastline. It has a funky modern capital city on the sea and a wealth of tiny remote villages which have kept their old world charm. And best of all, Mallorca has Pollensa.

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate for Sale.

Pollensa is in a league of its own. Always has been, and now more than ever.

As the rest of the island become jammed with tourists or remains left behind, Pollensa shimmies between a new luxury and the old way of life. The simple act of having a home in this wonderful place is a luxury. The investment it entails is guaranteed by its highly sought after status and property prices that never really dropped here, and now are tentatively beginning to rise again. If you are considering buying Pollensa luxury real estate you are doing so at the right time.

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate from an Agent.

You can scour the agency windows and walk the streets looking for FOR SALE signs but nothing will give you the professional know-how and peace of mind as having a professional at hand to guide you. This is Spain after all. Nothing is made simple. You will be faced with red tape at a level you wouldn't imagine possible. The process of buying Pollensa luxury real estate is not one you want to take on alone.

There are many real estate agents in town, and every year sees new agencies popping up, yet only a handful have been in this business for long enough to be able to offer expertise, and very few have local agents who can navigate seamlessly through the bureaucracy of buying Pollensa luxury real estate. You are well advised to choose a real estate agency you can trust.

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate in Town.

Location, as always, will determine everything. And luxury in this case in very much linked to where the property is situated. Pollensa Old Town is a small and well preserved medieval village in a dip in the Tramuntana foothills, a few kilometres from the sea. The houses are mainly built in local sandstone, with tiled floors and wood beamed ceilings, small shuttered windows and interior courtyards. They vary hugely of course and the town is hilly, so you can find the larger more grandiose old townhouses in the streets near the square and smaller homes with more far reaching views on the Calvary Steps and other surrounding hills.

Just outside Pollensa town you get the luxury residential areas of La Font, Ternelles, Vall de Coloya and Vall de March, all unique in their own ways and within walking distance of a very short drive to town. These are the areas most often associated with Pollensa luxury real estate.

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate in the Countryside.

Further afield you find yourself among almond and olive trees, orchards full of fig and citrus, pine forests and farmland scattered with country homes and villas, most reformed now and modernised to let to the holiday rentals market or for sale as second homes. Pollensa luxury real estate in the countryside offers a veritable haven of peace and tranquillity in beautiful natural surroundings. A place to escape to. 

And yet, surprisingly, for all its remote appeal, your Pollensa luxury real estate is never far from local amenities, shops and schools, under an hour's drive from the big city, a stone's throw from stunning beaches, and within easy distance from all the restaurants and social life the island has to offer. 

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate by the Sea.

You are on an island, so you may as well get the most out of it and enjoy the fabulous feeling of waking up every morning to wide open views of the sea.

Pollensa luxury real estate is never far from the sea, but if a few kilometres is too far, you can purchase an exclusive home, villa or apartment literally on the beach or in the hilltops overlooking the sea. Have a look at our exclusive properties in Puerto Pollensa, Cala San Vicente and Formentor, Pollensa's luxury coastal areas, and secure yourself a home for holidays and retirement.

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate for Rentals.

Once you have bought your Pollensa luxury real estate you have the added possibility of making your home available to the booming Pollensa luxury rentals market and a passive income in high end lets while you are not in residence. The process is simple and can be made easier for you by your real estate agent, who will manage and rent your property for you, taking care of all the logistics and managing duties needed to look after and rent your new home while you are away.

The holiday season is extensive and offers countless opportunities to let your Pollensa luxury real estate generate an income, while also keeping the property lived in and cared for at no cost to yourself, in fact it will make you money.

Pollensa Luxury Real Estate as an Investment.

Pollensa has never gone out of fashion and shows no signs of doing so. In fact it is gaining in popularity as a luxury residence with foreigners buying homes in the area, moving to Pollensa or spending long periods in the area. The luxury real estate market is flourishing and with this comes a renewed optimism. Pollensa has become one of the most highly sought after locations for luxury real estate in Mallorca.

Stringent building laws mean that the Pollensa luxury real estate on offer is even more valuable and you will always be able to re sell a property in this stunning little corner of the Mediterranean.