Living in Mallorca

Living in Mallorca is a lifestyle choice!

Living in Mallorca is about making the choice to enjoy life in a relaxed and cosmopolitan place.


Living in Mallorca and buying property on the Island.

The Balearic archipelago is the most popular holiday destination in Europe and Mallorca, the largest island and main commercial hub, is the jewel of the crown. Living in Mallorca is about making that holiday feeling stretch into a whole life, enjoying the simple island life in a beautiful place not very far from home.

And there is Palma, Mallorca´s stylish cosmopolitan capital city on the sea, home to Sa Seu, the magnificent Palma cathedral and Es Baluart, its modern art museum perched on the city walls. Living in Mallorca means you can enjoy all the benefits of living off the beaten track while you have a vibrant international city an hour´s drive away.

But where will you be living in Mallorca?

The answer is undoubtedly, it is best to be living in the north of Mallorca, a mere hour´s drive from the airport and Palma city but safely tucked away from the crowded resorts in the south of the island. Living in Mallorca's northern corner is the chance to savour the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle in a stunning unspoiled location.

Researching the real estate market in Mallorca and choosing your favourite area is not a process that can be rushed however. The island though relatively small in size, is extremely varied and diverse, and living in Mallorca will be a very different experience in a small mountain village or by the sea.

A good professional team on your side will provide you with all the relevant information and guide you through the red tape, saving you time and money and helping you avoid costly mistakes in the long term. 

Buying and living in Mallorca is a good investment.

Living in Mallorca is possible, whether you are planning a definite move to the island or buying a second home in Mallorca, and investing in property on the island has never been better.

Mallorca´s limited geographical scale and strict building laws make it an appealing location to invest in and ensure the price of your home will grow.

Life is cheaper in Spain, and though the Balearic Islands are one of the wealthiest autonomic communities in the country, living in Mallorca remains economically viable.

Besides, buying property in Mallorca has remained a highly profitable investment ever since the first foreign buyers started arriving on the island half a century ago because it has never gone out of fashion. And now that Mallorca is becoming known again as the playground of the rich and famous, prices are going up again.

Living in Mallorca part time.

If you prefer living in Mallorca only part of the time then the island´s heathy holiday rentals market can provide you with an extra income while you are not living in Mallorca, by letting your property on a weekly basis for a high price. 

British holidaymakers account for 26 % of the island´s tourism with 2, 23 million visiting Mallorca every year. As people begin to demand more from their holidays and seek alternatives from the usual hotel resorts on the coast, a growing number have begun to opt for renting a villa for their holidays. 

Living in Mallorca. Your health is in good hands.

Living in Mallorca needen´t pose any difficulties as regards to your health. Mallorca has a few very good state run hospitals and a whole array of private hospitals too, besides specialist clinics and public health centres in every town and village. Medical and dentistry care is of the highest standards and you will find that private insurance for the private hospitals is affordable while the public health centres will accept European and British health cards.

The weather in Mallorca - Living in a clement climate.

Choosing to live in Mallorca is often about better weather. The island´s fair climate makes living in Mallorca an attractive option throughout the year. Mallorca boasts an average 300 days of sunshine a year, scorching hot summers and mild dry winters with only the occasional downpours which typically last for 3 days. Out of season, spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best seasons to enjoy living in Mallorca, partly due to smaller crowds but also the respite from the heat make it ideal for sporting enthusiasts who flock to the island to train for the big season sporting events.

Living in Mallorca . Getting to the island.

Palma airport is the third largest airport in Spain and the most profitable of all. Regular low cost flights, ferries to the mainland and the short distance you need to travel mean it is actually possible to be living in Mallorca and working elsewhere. This makes living in Mallorca particularly attractive to northern Europeans who can be living in Mallorca, on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, for part of the year with all the comforts and practicalities of home.