House buying in Puerto Pollensa

Buying property in Puerto Pollensa, (Majorca)


The house buying market trends in Puerto Pollensa 2015.

The property market in Mallorca is waking up again and 2014-15 has seen a positive upsurge in house viewings and real estate sales all over the island. Puerto Pollensa has always been attractive to house buyers and is now once again a highly sought after area to buy a house.

Private homes, villas with pools and apartments by the beach offer a varied selection of house buying options in Puerto Pollensa and a real chance to make your Mallorca dream come true!

House buying in Puerto Pollensa online.

It is such a useful tool it would be silly not to take advantage of it. Search engines and property websites offer a wealth of information on the island, the Mallorca property market, market trends and prices and all kinds of tips and advice on house buying in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.

Research is essential and scouring the web for house buying options is a great start to getting acquainted with Mallorca. House buying sites and Mallorca property guides can help with all the legal and administrative questions you may have. Look online and compare.  

Having a house buying strategy - Puerto Pollensa Real Estate. 

Choosing the right property to buy in Puerto Pollensa will depend largely on you knowing what you are looking for. Be flexible too, as your initial house buying project in Puerto Pollensa is certain to change as you see more and more properties.

Knowing all about the process of buying property in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca beforehand will save you months of headaches. 

Write a wish list with all the things you think you want from your house and your budget. And above all, buy a house you would like for yourself, no matter whether you plan to resell it, rent it or live in it. 

House buying viewings in Puerto Pollensa.

House viewings are an important part of house buying in Puerto Pollensa and unless you actually live in town or somewhere else in Mallorca, you will be limited in time to how many viewings you can squeeze in.

It is often a good idea to arrange a house buying viewing trip to with the estate agent and come to Puerto Pollensa once all the property viewings have been scheduled.

Have your house buying checklist at hand and take notes. Check the utilities and exactly what is included in the price, and try to find out as much as you can about the current owners as it will put you in good stead when putting in an offer and negotiating a price.

A property website on house buying in Puerto Pollensa.

All your house buying questions answered:  house buying tips, guidelines, advice and assistance, useful information on costs, legal fees and agent fees, negotiating skills and calculating your budget can be found online.

House buying sites offer up to date house buying guides for property in Puerto Pollensa and all over the north of Mallorca with easy to follow house buying steps, the legal, fiscal and administrative house buying process explained and

Calculate your budget and write a house buying checklist, due diligence checklist and list of costs, fees and taxes you will be required to pay.

Putting in an Offer - House buying in Puerto Pollensa.

Knowing how much to offer will depend on how much you know about the house you are buying and the area it is in, the current owners, other interested parties and how much other similar properties in the area are going for.

You will be required to pay a deposit or down payment and sign a pre sale contract. Your estate agent can arrange all the paperwork and advise you.

Costs of house buying in Puerto Pollensa.

The first question you should be asking yourself is - How much can I afford?

There is no point going on endless house viewings around Puerto Pollensa when your budget won’t stretch that far. There are useful house buying budget calculators online to help you.

House buying expenses for property in Puerto Pollensa can vary hugely. Are you buying a house to refurbish, to rent, to live in, as a holiday home?

As a general guideline, calculate that basic house buying costs will add 10% of the value of the property onto the costs. Your estate agent commission, lawyer’s fees and notary costs can be agreed beforehand but will depend on the price of the property, as they are calculated as a percentage thereof and house buying taxes in Spain are different to those in the UK and other countries.

Building work, architect and contractor fees, refurbishment and furniture, utilities and then maintenance and upkeep are all extra costs on top of this.

Property for sale and house buying in Puerto Pollensa. 

The vast selection of new and resale properties for sale in Puerto Pollensa covers the whole spectrum in style, size, price range and locations.

The Pine Walk, which along the northern side of the Bay of Pollensa is one of Puerto Pollensa’s most highly sought after house buying areas. It is literally on the beach with a road that runs along the back, yet practically in town and walking distance to shops, cafes and all the amenities.

Other houses to buy in Puerto Pollensa can be found in the foothills overlooking the sea, up on the elevated residential areas outside town, in the countryside on the way to Pollensa and in the village itself. Townhouses, apartments and country homes, villas with pools and penthouses by the sea are just some of the many houses to buy in Puerto Pollensa.