Distressed property for sale in N Mallorca

Distressed property for sale in Mallorca

Buy your home on the island at a bargain

Where to look and how to buy distressed real estate in the Balearics

If you are on the market for a great deal on property in Mallorca then buying a distressed property for sale could be the best option for you.It offers an unusually good bargain because the island is so highly sought after and prices are typically much higher here than in other parts of the Spain. Distressed property for sale is either under a foreclosure order due to mortgage default or for sale by mortgagee. The banks want to get them off their books so they pass them onto estate agents and list them at prices far below their real market value, sometimes lower even than the mortgages they are hoping to cover.

As you can imagine, competition is high and these distressed property for sale in Mallorca comes and goes quickly, so you need to have a trustworthy agent on your side to supply you with the latest information on deals.

Own a home in Mallorca - distressed property deals

Property for sale in Mallorca has become hard to come by if you are on the market for a good deal.

This is mainly because Mallorca is one of the most coveted areas to live in and to visit, and though there has been a marked slump in house sales due to the economic climate, prices here have remained resolutely high.

Mallorca is without doubt a beautiful place and visitors often come here for a short holiday and find themselves dreaming of having a little place of their own, so they can come back whenever they feel like it, on a whim, and not have to contend with rentals or hotels.

The benefits of actually owning a property in Mallorca are many. 

You can come over a stay whenever suits you for a start and don´t have to limit yourself to rental dates and availability or Saturday flights.

You can stay as long as you like and change your plans, invite friends over and most importantly you can relax properly because you will be in your own home

Buying a distressed property for sale in Mallorca

Looking for the right home to buy can be stressful and time consuming and trying to match that image you have in your mind with the places you are being shown on the agent´s books can be a frustrating business.

This is especially true if you don´t actually live on the island in the first place and you are trying to juggle a family holiday with house hunting and time is running out.

It may seem like you are never going to find the right property for sale.

However, if you buy a distressed property for sale in Mallorca the first bonus is that it is typically much quicker, so you can get on with enjoying your holiday. Distressed property for sale in Mallorca also offers endless possibilities.

You are going to get a great house at a much lower rate, so if the distressed property for sale needs to be totally refurbished you can then proceed to convert it into that very image you are carrying around with you, the house you have dreamt of.

The added bonus of buying a distressed property for sale in Mallorca is that you will be getting such a good bargain than you will have a surplus of funds to reinvest into the reformation, and you won´t have to settle for anyone else´s idea of how a house should look.

All types of offers on distressed property for sale in Mallorca

Mallorca is a small island in the Mediterranean, just off the coast from mainland Spain, but it is also a vibrant cosmopolitan hub which welcomes visitors from all over the globe and caters to a ever growing tourist industry.

It is really a little bit of both, and as such the distressed property for sale in Mallorca reflects this.

Distressed property for sale in Mallorca ranges from tiny old fashioned houses hidden down wiggly roads in villages you think you will never find again, to majestic country homes surrounded by acres of land and views stretching out over mountain ranges to the sea. And of course there is everything in between. There are the flat plains in the centre of the island, dotted with windmills and far from the crowded coastal areas. There is the magnificent Tramuntana mountain range which stays cool in the summer months, with tiny villages perched on the slopes.

Our biggest portfolio is of distressed property for sale in Pollensa.

On the coast you can find luxury apartments with roof top terraces and the beach at your footstep, and all the hills and countryside dotted with wonderful villas with pools and shady verandahs.

Distressed property for sale in Mallorca covers the whole spectrum but at a much lower price so affords you the possibility of buying a place away from home without having to give up your home.

Bargain hunting for distressed property for sale in Mallorca

Distressed property for sale in Mallorca is tricky to grab because it flies. The island is expensive in Spanish terms and has some truly magnificent properties for sale. It is without doubt a unique spot to buy a second home. It is ideally located on the edge of Europe, boasts an international airport, a cosmopolitan set, fine restaurants and cafes and a landscape which has a little of everything for everyone.

The banks are handing the distressed property for sale in Mallorca over to the agents in town and the market is beginning to wake up again, so prices won´t stay low for long.

Buying distressed property for sale in Mallorca is a unique opportunity to find a bargain and make a truly wise investment in the deal because you will be buying a home at below its market value in a promising climate.

So if you are looking to find a property in Mallorca to convert into a dream home or you are on the hunt for an investment deal to refurbish spectacularly and sell on in a couple of years, a distressed property for sale in Mallorca offers you the ideal bargain buy you are looking for.

Buying distressed property for sale in Mallorca is fast and just plainly clever.