Buy property in Pollensa to renovate

How to buy great property in Pollensa to renovate and refurbish ?

And make your dream home in Mallorca come true.

Buy property in Pollensa to renovate

Buying property in Pollensa to renovate is an exciting project and if done with care, an extremely lucrative one too. Your money goes a lot further in Spain, the property you do up will be a much closer fit to the one you have dreamt of and you have holidays lined up on a Mediterranean island for many years to come.

Buy property in Pollensa to renovate : How to choose your architect in Mallorca.

Choose a charming one.

I mean it, charm goes a long way in meetings, and in order to buy and renovate property in Pollensa you will be having a fair amount of these...with different governing bodies to secure the planning permissions you will need to legally renovate your property in Pollensa.

It will be an essential quality in all the face to face meetings with local and regional planning officers. You will be needing the architect´s help for a while when you buy property in Pollensa to renovate, so choose someone with a good track record, thorough knowledge of the regulations.

Choose an architect who speaks English too.

A word of advice : To buy property in Pollensa to renovate can be a very wise investment but costs can get out of hand if you are not careful.

Before you buy property in Pollensa to renovate, and before you choose your architect, make sure you are clear on whether you have been given a fixed price quote or an estimate, which can soar as the renovation proceeds. Get a quote and contract for every single step of the renovation process. 

Buy property in Pollensa to renovate - Getting your planning regulations.

First of all you will need to know if your new property in Pollensa is listed as Urban or Rustic?

If the property you are interested in buying and renovating in Pollensa is in the Urban zone, you can broadly assume you can build on it.

If it is in a Rustic area of Pollensa however, you may not be able to build there at all and renovating your property in Pollensa will require a special license.

Buy property in Pollensa to renovate - Building permits.

The building permits you need for renovating property in Pollensa are known as Obra Mayor and Obra Menor.

Obra Mayor Licenses are required for new and large restoration projects.

Obra Menor permits are required for more simple renovation work.

Both building permits are issued by the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and calculated as a percentage of the final (estimated) construction fee plus the difference based on actual cost.)

Another important factor is the size of the property in Pollensa you want to buy and renovate.

How much land does the property in Pollensa have?

You will need to check with the Environmental Protection Authority to assess exactly where the property in Pollensa lies, ie, whether you are going to buy a property in Pollensa on rustic or urban land. 

To buy property in Pollensa to renovate in rustic areas you will need both regional as well as local authority approval. Because regulations are always changing, before you buy property in Pollensa to renovate, you are well advised to get an architect to draw up a current, formal assessment of the situation. 

Before you buy property in Pollensa to renovate : Check mains services.

Before you buy property in Pollensa to renovate, your architect will research and confirm which services are available to the property (mains water, electricity, sewage).

This is called a Dictamen, a formal statement made up by the architect, which states what can and cannot be done on the property and what services are available.

When you buy property in Pollensa to renovate, this has important implications to the costs and design. You will need to confirm if you have mains or not, and you will want to know if it is possible to connect.

How to buy property in Pollensa to renovate : Make a residual valuation.

Before you buy property in Pollensa to renovate, make the following calculation: VALUE MINUS COSTS MINUS TIME. 

This is known as a residual valuation and it will help you work out how much you should be paying before you buy property in Pollensa to renovate.

Calculating costs - Buy property in Pollensa to renovate.

When you buy property in Pollensa to renovate everyone will want to give you their opinion.

Beware of listening to others and their calculations on the costs of buying property in Pollensa to renovate; this much per square metre etc., because their estimates can be misleading.

You will need to make detailed calculations according to the particular property you are planning to buy and renovate. Site preparation, professional fees, structural system, quality of finishes and design all have varying costs.

Before you buy property in Pollensa to renovate, your best option is to discuss this in detail with your architect beforehand and remember your suppliers will most probably be under quoting in order to secure the deal.

Remember to also include possible structural issues and landscaping on the site, the value of timeliness in keeping running and labour down and that no real quote can be made until after you have completed the design for the house.

How to buy property in Pollensa to renovate : Deciding how much of the existing house to keep.

A renovation project on a property in Pollensa can vary massively between a few coats of paint to a complete structural rebuild.

Deciding how much of your property in Pollensa to reform and how much of the original house to keep will depend on costs, regulations and your own personal choice.

Your architect and head builder will be able to work out how much of the property in Pollensa can be saved and how much of the property can be reformed or altered.

Get a structural survey.

The investment value of buying property in Pollensa to renovate .

Home Energy Efficiency Certificates for property in Pollensa.

In line with other European countries, owners of property in Pollensa are obliged to have energy efficiency certificates if they are building a new property and before they sell or rent their home.

The certificate provides information on the energy characteristics of the property, rating from A to G, whereby A is the most energy efficient and G is the least.

You can apply for the certificate online via the official governmental page. The form will ask you for basic information on the property owner, the property in Pollensa and its location.

An onsite audit is carried out by a technician. The technician will then calculate the property's energy efficiency via an authorised computer software system which will use the property with a grade from A to G along with recommendations for improvements.

It is registered by the property owner at the Autonomous Community Administration Offices (Dirección General de Industria y Energia)

Insulation, under floor heating and plenty of inside-outside spaces add comfort to your property and thus add value.