Buy a Holiday Home as a Second Residence

And Enjoy Holidays in Mallorca All Year Round

Buying a holiday home as a second residence

Mallorca is a magical place with a varied and extreme landscape and mild weather throughout the year, it is also a very different place from one season to the next and owning a second residence in Mallorca affords you the unique opportunity to enjoy the island in all its variations and at any time of year.

Why buy a holiday home in Mallorca?

The freedom to spend a holiday in Mallorca at any time, with anyone, in your own private second residence is the best reason for buying a holiday home as a second residence in Mallorca.

Buying a holiday home as a second residence in Mallorca promises you a lifetime of holiday breaks, winter escapes, summer family holidays and romantic getaways for as long as you want and at times when it suits you best. 

Buying a holiday home in a holiday place

Buying a holiday home on a holiday island means you will always have a place to go on holiday in Mallorca and a second residence if you decide to live on the island full time.

Renting a property for an extended holiday break on the island is often a wise move. A short family holiday is not always enough to get a real sense of a place and if you are seriously considering buying a holiday home as a second residence then you want to make sure that you are making the right choice.

You can rent your holiday home when you aren´t using it

Yes, you can always rent your new second residence as a holiday home and finance the cost of upkeep, help pay the mortgage and keep the property in good condition while you are not using it. This is a practical and financially wise move towards making your dreams of a second home in Mallorca a reality.

Mallorca second residences for winter holidays in the sun

Mallorca is wonderful at different times of year. The autumn in Mallorca is more akin to a northern European summer with temperatures rarely beginning to drop until November and the first almond blossom at the end of January marks the start of Spring.

The Summer in Mallorca is exceptionally long, extending easily from May until September and the short winter months are a joy on the island proffering empty roads and beaches, midday sun on the cafe pavements and outdoor activities in the mountains and by the sea.

Viewing holiday homes as a second residence

House buyers spend an average 17 minutes viewing a property before they decide to buy. This is an exceptionally small amount of time considering you are about to make an important decision which will affect your life on a very big scale. This is why we suggest you try renting a holiday home in Mallorca out first.

Holiday homes in Mallorca make excellent second homes

Holiday homes in Mallorca make excellent second homes for a number of reasons. For one, Mallorca is a safe and friendly island where you can leave your second residence locked up for long periods of time with no worries about weather, security or damage. 

Local management and estate agency companies can assist you with your home while you are away, keeping an eye on it and making regular visits to the property to ensure you find it all in perfect order when you arrive on holiday. 

Secondly, your second residence in Mallorca makes a fantastic holiday home at any time you need a break. You needn´t be constrained by holiday calendars and can take full advantage of bargain flight deals, sporadic work holidays and weather forecasts.