Buy a second home in Pollensa

Follow your dreams and buy a second home in Pollensa.


How to buy a second home in Pollensa.

The boom in luxury property sales to affluent UK investors in recent years has transformed the town and surrounding area from a fairly rustic backwater to an exclusive location, pushing house prices up and spawning a swarm of new rental agencies and real estate companies in Pollensa and the north, keen to get in on the game.

Buy a second home in Pollensa through a professional real estate agent.

In order to buy a second home in Pollensa you will need a pro by your side. Experience and local know how goes a long way, as well as an understanding of the legal read tape which can be daunting and expensive if done wrong. 

Choose carefully. Choose an agency with experience.

The second home in Pollensa you are looking for will often be advertised in several agency windows, as few are exclusive to one company.

And be flexible. 

Properties are adaptable, but locations aren't. Consider where you want to buy a second home rather that what it is like. Pools can be added later and kitchens can be refurbished, but unless you plan to airlift the entire house, bricks and all, you won't be able change the location. So choose the right location, buy a second home in Pollensa.

When to buy a second home in Pollensa.

Following recent European upheaval and the subsequent after shock in the financial markets, property buyers looking to buy a second home in Pollensa have naturally been a little wary. Spain however, and Mallorca especially, still have a highly affordable real estate market and your plans to buy a second home in Pollensa needn´t change.

Prices are still low but are beginning to rise again.

This is really the best moment to buy a second home in Pollensa.

Why buy a second home in Pollensa - Choose Mallorca North.

Aside from the obvious investment opportunities, Pollensa offers the second home buyer a whole new lifestyle!

Life in Pollensa is nothing like life elsewhere. It is small and friendly and laid back. There’s no high street as such with milling crowds. There are restaurants and cafes by the dozen and traffic jams, if they ever arise, are usually caused by a mid-street conversation blocking the road, such is the need to hurry.

To buy a second home in Pollensa is to give yourself a lifetime of holiday accommodation, a haven to escape to, a romantic getaway, freedom and valuable experience for your children, a place to retire and an investment for the future.

Buy a second home in Pollensa near the sea.

Pollensa Old Town is not on the sea.

Pollensa area however is more than just the town; it is the entire north of Mallorca, from Pollensa to the coast, to the north and east. From Cala San Vicente, up as far as the Cape of Formentor and round to Puerto Pollensa, the coastal ridge of this far northern corner of the island is all about 6 km from the town.

To buy a second home in Pollensa is to choose one of the most magical and highly sought after locations in the Mediterranean, set between the mountains of the Tramuntana and the sea.

Buy a second home in Pollensa, in the country.

Pollensa town sits nestled in a valley at the foot of these hills, surrounded by olive and almond groves, orchards of fruit trees and pine forests. You can buy a second home in Pollensa countryside, just outside town, within easy reach of all the needs of civilized life and yet feel total privacy and a sense of remoteness, completely at odds with the relative closeness of town.

Buy a second home in Pollensa to rent.

With a few tweaks to fit the tourism industry and an affordable and easily acquired permit, you are free to rent your new second home in Pollensa as a holiday let and earn a second income while you aren’t in residence.

This is a tried and tested method, attested by the sheer quantity of rental companies operating in the Pollensa area, all seemingly with sufficient business to spread around.

Holiday makers have discovered that renting a private second home in Pollensa for their holidays is better value for money than the alternative hotel option and a good degree more fun.

Buy a second home in Pollensa for retirement.

Once you have let your second home in Pollensa as a holiday rental for a number of years, letting it slowly pay for itself, you can move permanently to the island and retire on the Mediterranean, part or full time. This is the choice of many British and Europeans looking for a more affordable, safe and relaxed retirement and a chance to reap the rewards of a second home in Pollensa they love.

Buy a second home in Pollensa now!

The window for purchasing a second home at an affordable price may be starting to close for a number of reasons. The main one is that following years of property slump, the market is most definitely growing again and prices will certainly start to rise.