Buying Property in Mallorca

Buying Property - The Mallorca Dream

Buying property in Mallorca was never about investments, capital appreciation and rental prospects; it was always and still is, about buying a dream home in the sun.

Buying property in Mallorca

It is an intuitive and romantic move towards a better life.

The fact that buying property in Mallorca is also possibly one of the best financial decisions you could make, given you do it properly and have expert advice at hand, well that is a bonus.

Mallorca, the island - The place to buy property

For centuries, Mallorca has endured the ravages of different invading armies, marauders, pirates and in more recent decades, holiday makers. And yet, the island is beautiful and welcoming. Mallorca has stunning natural landscapes, increasingly protected, majestic mountains and long sandy beaches. It has a vibrant and modern capital city and an infrastructure equal to anywhere in Europe. It's no wonder people keep visiting and often staying. 

Buying property in Mallorca represents the ideal. Town houses, villas and apartments in the villages and by the sea offer long and short stays on the island at any time, whenever you can get away, or alternatively, the chance to make the move, and relocate to Mallorca once and for all.

Buying Mallorca Property from Agents

Our Aim: To find the right property for each and every client, and the right buyer for our properties. 

We are a small local real estate agent in Puerto Pollensa with great team of property agents. We have been in this industry for over 3 decades and have built solid ties with local and international home owners, property investors and buyers in this time, affording us a thorough understanding of the property market and the intricacies of buying property in Mallorca.

Mallorca Property Market

The property market in Mallorca is warming up again after recent years of boom and bust, yet prices are still relatively low making this a very auspicious time for buying property in Mallorca!

Due to over investment, villa owners need to sell fairly urgently and are willing to accept lower offers, making buying property in Mallorca all the more attractive. 

Added to this, is the fact that a strong holiday rental industry provides a possible income from your property in Mallorca when you are not on the island.

Buying Property in Mallorca North

Choosing an area in Mallorca is essential to you finding the right property. Not only is the island extremely varied in terms of landscape, amenities and property prices, but the properties available in different areas and the value of your investment in one part of Mallorca or another can vary greatly.

The north of Mallorca is a safe bet. You are in one of the most beautiful areas on the island, a mere 45 minutes drive from the airport and with a good solid infrastructure and services, yet you are neither in the most expensive nor the most remote areas in Mallorca. Your chances of reselling property in Mallorca north are extremely good and the rental market is strong and growing.



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We can provide assistance and recommend legal professionals who can advise you throughout the whole process of buying and selling a property.

Please take a look at our buyers guide to consult all the key steps of the process.

Sell a Property in Mallorca

If you want to sell your property, you are at the right place. At SolMallorca we have been working in real estate for 30 years and have gained vast experience and local know-how, establishing ourselves as one of the most important and best-known real estate agencies in the north of the island. 



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